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How to survive in Delhi while you prepare for you JEE exams.

Delhi is the heart of India, the capital of this country. Known as the city with a big heart, this city will make you its own. Not only does it teach you how to prepare for your JEE Mains, it will also teach you how to live a confident life, completely out of your comfort zone. Living in Delhi for JEE coaching does not mean that you cannot enjoy your life and that you must always be surrounded by books and pressure. This city lets you escape and helps you grow tremendously. Here are a few helpful tips that will help you survive the city and also the entire tuition procedure.

  1. Keep your head up and don’t succumb to peer pressure. The thing about living in new cities is that the vices stick to you faster than all the good qualities it has to offer. Make up your mind before moving to Delhi that you’ll keep out of bad habits and you’ll choose your friends instead of letting them choose you. Preparing for an all India exam is not just hard but it’s extremely competitive as well. People get run over for a few decimal point difference. When the situation is such, you must always stick to your roots and remind yourself why you’ve come to the city.
  2. Learn the transportation routes: To minimize on the cost of transportation you must learn the metro routes by heart. There is the yellow line, blue line, green line, violet line, magenta line, orange line and the red line, and they connect almost all parts of Delhi together along with Noida and Gurgaon. The highest price of the tickets is 60 rupees and it can take you all over the city and its outskirts. Traveling by bus is also cheap and sharing autos and tempos are extremely student friendly.
  3. Learn how to balance work with fun.If you are taking an online JEE coaching along with your daily classes then do it with utmost dedication. Take short breaks instead of taking hour long ones which ends up stretching into another hour, so on and so forth. Divide your time in such a way that you can rest after your classes and wake up with a  fresh mind and  eagerness to learn.
  4. Learn how to bargain. If you are a shy,secluded person and also an introvert then know that your life is going to be a little too difficult in Delhi. Delhi is no place for simpletons and if you are one, people will take advantage of you. Not only is Delhi the country’s capital, it is also the corruption capital. Everything should be well thought out before you come to any conclusion.
  5. Homesickness will hit you hard. The first few months you will love living alone because there is absolutely no one to question you regarding your whereabouts, but slowly the pressure from IIT JEE coaching online will start hitting you and you will understand the value of home cooked meals and your mother’s love


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