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How to sell your damaged car without any hassle?

Some cars age well and become a part of your household. If you’re lucky, they’ll last forever and will save you from trips to the mechanic. However, most cars reach the end of their road within a few years.

What do you in this situation? Do you spend your hard-earned money to fix it up, sell it as a used car or sell its parts only? In most cases, selling a damaged caris usually the best way to save time and money.

The process of selling a damaged car might seem daunting. But if you get your basics right, then you can sell your car at the right price, with as little hassle as possible.

You should clean your car, market it well and discuss money matters with the potential buyers. Make sure you get paid for the time and effort you put into the whole exercise.

We spoke with several auto experts. Here are some tips they shared that will help to get your damaged car sold at the right price without any hassle. Keep reading to learn more about how to get the best price for your scrap car UK:

1- Clean your car well

This point shouldn’t come as a surprise to you. Everyone prefers to buy a clean and nice-looking car. Even if your car is damaged, you can make up for the lost points by giving it a thorough clean up. Things like stains, crumbs, and dirt will decrease the value of your car. It will make it seem like you didn’t pay much attention to the overall maintenance of the car.

And, that is the most important point when it comes to selling any used car. You need to convince potential buyers that your car was well taken care of during its entire lifetime. So, make sure that your car is clean, shiny and attractive when a prospective buyer comes to see it.

2- Schedule a car detailing service

If you want to sell your damaged car for the best possible price, then start thinking like a dealer. Schedule a car detailing service for your car. It is a simple service that costs anywhere between $100-200 and can add almost $500 or more to your car’s resale value.

A car detailer will help make the car look as good as new. They will remove light scratches and any paint imperfections from the body and buff it to make the car shine like new. The interior of the car will be shampooed and cleaned thoroughly. The engine of the car will also be de-greased.

Read this blog post to learn more about a car detailing service and how to choose the best one for your used car.

3- Reconsider any modifications

Are you driving a car with smoked tail lights, blacked out rims and a fancy bumper? Let us break the news that most buyers don’t prefer cars that have undergone extreme modifications. So, if you have added any changesto your car, then it’s time to reconsider them.

Remove the modifications and restore it back to its original state. If a young kid comes to buy your car, then show the mods to him. Offer him to take it for free with the car!

4- Try to repair the most obvious flaws

If you want to get the best possible price for your damaged car, then car experts recommend fixing the most obvious flaws. Is your keyless entry not working? Just replace the battery in the key fob.

Are the brakes squeaking every time you hit the pedal? Ask your mechanic if changing brake oil will fix it. Think of these small repairs as an investment that will be recovered when you sell the car. While you’re at it, change the engine oil too, since savvy buyers know how to check the car for burnt oil.

However, if your car needs a lot of repairs worth thousands of dollars, then we recommend not to do them. Try looking for a service that deals in scrap car UKand get your car evaluated. Who knows, you might end up saving some money by giving it to a scrap dealer rather than spending thousands and getting nothing in return.

The key is to prioritize the services and repairs that your car requires. Choose the ones that will make an impression on potential buyers. Only spend on those services and repairs that will get you the biggest bang for your bucks!

5- Gather all your car’s records

Maintaining a record goes a long way when it comes to fetching the best price for your damaged car. People feel secure while buying cars that have a proper maintenance and service record. If you don’t have the complete record, then at least try to make one. This shouldinclude all the essential details related to the history of your car. If your car has never been in an accident, it’s a good time to let your potential customer know that too.

6- Price it right

One of the most important factor to sell a damaged car successfully is to price it right. Refer to different car pricing websites such as NADA Guides and Kelley Blue Book to see how much people are paying for damaged cars. Make a comparison sheet and determine a suitable price for your damaged vehicle. Add a couple of hundred dollars to your base price in case buyers haggle with you for a discount.

7- Market your car well

Now that your car is ready for sale and you have determined a fair price, it’s time to put up an ad. Try to post ads on as many online listing sources as possible. Make sure your ad is detailed and honest.

Highlight all the essential features of your car and use proper keywords in the headline to help online buyers find it through search engines. Attach some bright and clear photographs of your car with the ad.

Hopefully, all this hard work will pay off soon when you find an excited buyer!

If you feel like all this is still a hassle for you, then try contacting an online car buying service like We Buy Cars. It’s much easier than a DIY car selling job,and you will get good money too.

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