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How To Prepare The Surface For Touch Up Car Paint?

Scratches on your vehicle can look shabby, requiring you to apply a touch of paint to make them disappear, though it can be easier said than done. Especially for first timers it can be quite a challenge to ensure a well done job without professional assistance. However you need not worry as here is your step by step guide to make this task less troublesome and get great results.

The method of applying touch up car paint can vary depending upon various factors, such as size of the scratch, original finish and paint etc. Without having the right knowledge and experience, it can become difficult to hide the fact that a part of the vehicle has been repainted. So, it is recommended to practice as much as you can on scrap metal. While initially the outcome might not be as good as expected, you can hope to improve your skills with practice.

The first step to begin the task of touch up is to get your hands on the right colour. The information related to this can be found on a small plate on the firewall, which has the code number of paint and body number. Along with paint you will need an applicator or brush and it is usually sold with the touch up paint bottles. Another important thing is the primer that you will require to apply before the paint.

Next step should be making the area clean and rust free for touch up car paint. This is important because painting on the rust will make the paint come off in some time. So it is recommended to make use of the rust arrestor, which will help you get rid of the dust and avoid it from forming again under the paint. Cleaning the surface and making it even is also important for a smooth finish. Take a piece of sandpaper to make the area clean and ensure that primer gets applied properly.

Now you will need to clean the part thoroughly by washing, in order to remove any dust, was, rust arrestor or filler residue. Once the area has dried completely, you can apply primer which has many uses. To begin with, primer seals the metal surface, making it safe from rust and this in turn assures that the paint sticks to the surface. Also, the minor imperfections and small holes in the metal surface can be filled with primer.

Another thing to pay attention to is how deep the scratch is. In case the scratch is not very deep and it has not touched the metal, then you can apply the paint directly. However, if the metal is visible or the area to be painted is close to an inch, then it is a must to prime first and this can be done with the help of a small brush. Make sure that it does not touch the original paint and dries totally before you start painting.

Lastly, it is recommended to read the instructions on the paint bottle carefully and follow them to get touch up car paint which matches the existing paint accurately.


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