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How to keep your face fresh during the holidays?

A busy week not just taxes on our mind and exhausts our body, but tarnishes our natural glow and beauty too. Weekends or holidays should, therefore, be spent not just celebrating a much-needed break from work, but we should even cater to the needs to address the beauty concerns in an appropriate manner.

Healthy skin looks beautiful naturally and to ensures health. Our skin has to be kept neat and clean in the first place. And for this, there is nothing better than a good quality face wash to clean your face with. Any face wash for men is formulated with special ingredients that can pull out the dirt and germs from their tough skin gently.

Let’s dig out more information on the ways to keep your face clean and fresh and to help the natural glow to ooze out on its own.

Face Wash

Face wash is generally a liquid soap made using several skin-friendly ingredients and is less harsh compared to bathing soap bars or liquid. These can either be cream or gel-based.

Cream-based ones have a creamy consistency and are most suitable for people with dry skin issues. Gel-based face washes are suitable for people with oily skin and also the ones with sensitive skin type. They are made without soap and oil and happens to be very gentle on the sensitive or acne-prone skin.

The face wash should be such that can remove dirt and grime from your face, but not interfere negatively with the natural oils and healthy cells of your skin.

Activated Charcoal Face Wash

Our face is the part that stays exposed to all possible natural elements mostly. Dirt, dust, harmful UV rays, germs, chemicals, etc., all get deposited on the face in abundance. The men’s skin is rough and tough and hence, it needs something extra powerful yet gentle on skin to keep it properly cleansed and detoxified.

Activated charcoal face wash can do the job of sucking out the germs and dirt from the skin pores in a neat way. This, however, is notorious for washing off the natural skin oil too. This is why face wash containing activated charcoal along with essential oils is the best face wash option for men and women both.

How to have a glowing face?

It is ideally suggested to use products that are meant to remove dirt, cleanse and de-tan the face. While we are on a holiday, there are a few things that inevitably affect our skin.

Number one, if we visiting a beach resort of any place, the possible skin damages that we may have are tanning of the face and darkening from the exposure to seawater. In such circumstances, you will need something that de-tans and detoxifies the skin to reduce the effects.

Number two, if you are in a busy metropolitan city, you are most likely to attract pollutants and harmful UV rays of the sun. This is where you need to take extra care of the skin by preventing the after-effects like pimples and acne.

However, if you are inside your house on your off days, you may not have a lot of outdoor effects on your skin. In such cases, the dullness, oily and greasy skin take away the glow.

Final words

Almost all of the skin problems that you face with your skin, be it the dirt, pollution, blackheads or oil, a charcoal face wash is probably the one-stop solutions, that, along with some added benefits of Argan oil, Ylang Ylang, Gooseberry, Moringa and Cedarwood make a complete skin care ingredient for your holidays.


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