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How To Improve The Looks And Functionality Of Office With Partitions

One of the major dilemmas that office owners face is whether to design the available office space as one single unit or to segregate the different functionalities. Some businesses and workplaces thrive on the intermixing of ideas of different departments and personnel, while others believe that there should be minimal interference among the workforce. Partitioning does change the look and appeal of the office and makes it more stylish. Creating distinct working units by glass partitions or solid partitions like wood partitions or aluminium partitions is a great way of organising the office.

When doing market research about the various options available for partitioning office, there are essentially three types available. They are described as follows:

Wooden partitioning

This type of partitioning works best of a traditional and conventional look of the office is desired. Using wooden elements for partitioning has been a very popular method for segregating method in conference rooms, board rooms and hotel reception areas. Wooden partitioning has the advantage of providing privacy because it is opaque. Modern day wood partitions are treated to make them resistant to fire and chemical attack.

Aluminium partitioning

Aluminium partitions are considered to be the most economical among all partitioning options. They are very light, durable and easy to mount and dismantle. Partial or complete glazing is also possible for these partitions, making them very versatile for office use. They can be combined with steel elements to give a different look to the partition.

Glass partitioning

Glass partitions are considered to be perfect solutions for small offices. They are easy to clean and make the lighting of the office more efficient. With their frameless look, they give a very neat and classy impression. They can also be designed to create sound-proof space. With the option of toughened glass, these partitions are quite strong and durable. They can be tinted with colour, if required.

Furthermore, each of these types of partitions can be customised according to the requirements of the office. For example, creating demountable and relocatable walls, specific acoustic patterns, adding company name or logo etc.

The two major considerations that should be made before designing or re-modelling the available office space into well-defined and separate units are:

  • Cost considerations

One major factor that is to be considered when deciding to partition your office space is available funds. It is advisable to compare the cost of installing different type of available partitions before choosing a particular type.

  • Purpose

The choice of type of partition to be used also depends a great deal on the purpose of partitioning. For example, changing rooms require solid partitioning and sound-proofing necessitates the use of double glazed acoustic partitioning. Different offices may require different kinds of partitioning, depending on their work and output.

Once these two considerations are made, it will be easier to decide the material to be used for creating partitions in the office. Out of the available options, glass partitions are the only ones to offer visibility. This property makes them more suitable for offices where transparency is a major requirement.


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