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How to Hang Wallpaper and Murals

There are a lot of ways you can go about decorating your walls. The two most common ways are with wallpaper or painting. Wallpaper has many advantages over painting because it will give you more options. You can choose a solid shade of wallpaper and put it all over your walls to give it a painted look. Alternately, you could choose something with a unique pattern or image on it. If you only want part of your wall to be decorated, you could even choose a wall mural. This is a photo or painting that is printed onto wallpaper panels. You adhere the panels to your wall, like wallpaper, to create the image. Here is how you do it.

MiseEn Place

Chefs often talk about miseen place which roughly means putting things in their place. In the same way, before you start decorating your walls you need to get your tools together and make sure they are prepared and in their place. This also means you need to choose from a selection of wallpapers and home wall murals. Once you’ve decided on your preferred wall decoration, next you need to order it.

If you order self-adhesive wallpaper, you will have fewer steps to take. If your wallpaper is not self-adhesive, you will need paste, a paste brush or roller, and a sponge. You’ll also want to have a knife, a plastic wallpaper smoother, a putty knife, a tape measure, some drop cloths, and a pencil for making markings. This might seem like a lot, however it will make the process go a lot smoother. You don’t want to be in the middle of the job and realise that you need something you don’t have.

Clean the Walls

You need to make sure your walls are clean before you apply your wall decoration. If you’re papering over existing wallpaper, make sure that it is not significantly ripped or dirty. Once you have done that, you want to putty over any significant imperfections in the walls. Alternatively, you could also use a wallpaper liner. This is a heavy sheet that will cover significant imperfections and damage on the walls. If you’re just hanging a mural, you could always hang it somewhere that is not damaged.

Begin Hanging

Once you have everything in place and have finished preparing the wall, it’s time to hang. You should measure with a level and draw a straight line. If you are papering all the way to the ceiling, then the line of the ceiling will act as your straight line. It’s critically important that the first strip of paper go on straight. Apply the paste to a strip of wallpaper with a backing. If there is no backing on the wallpaper, apply the paste to the wall, line it up and, using a wallpaper smoother, apply pressure to press the strip onto the wall. Make sure you don’t scrape too hard. Once you’ve done that, make sure you go back over it with the smoothing tool working diagonally. Repeat this until you’re done.


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