How to dehumidify storage unit? – Tips and reasons

The indispensable part of every storage unit is apossibility to add and include climate control. That is the primary way to defend your storage and belongings against weather elements. However, sometimes blocking it from rain and wind is not enough.

Why is weatheressential for storage units?

Some customers come with certain types of stored good that require much more protection, especially if thestorage unit is anareawith high humidity or change between cold and hot weather.

There are lots of types of climate control features that are available in storage facilities. However, most of them will protect yours from different levels of climate. In the same time, you have to understand that this service costs extra because of maintenance.

There are parts of this country where temperatures can reach up to 90 degrees F and even more, which means that air conditioning is essential to protect items from yellowing and to rot. On the other hand, storage units in places that fall below 32 degrees F need to be heated to prevent any sign of warping and cracking.

Places that have both extremes have to install climate control as well as humidity protection. The longer you rent astorage unit, the more you need to control its climate.

Precautionary steps

It doesn’t matter what is the level of protection of storage units Atlanta; you have to be cautious and consider some things to do on your own for additional security. You have to understand that protecting your goods from climate-related damage may protect you but at the same time inhibit thegrowth of viruses, bacteria, odors, and mold that could damage your health.

When you prepare items for self-storage you have to consider following:

  • Add protective layers on thefloor so that you can protect items from germs, dust, and scratches. You can also use cardboard, wood or another type of plastic film that could help you further.
  • You can purchase smart and latest dehumidifier in storage so that you can control and check levels of humidity on your smartphone whenever you want.
  • Use tools that absorb humidity
  • Keep deodorizers and add some baking soda that will keep the room fresh from infestations and smell.
  • Place traps for potential vermin.

If your items are exposed to thesprinkler system, you should cover it with water resistant tarp so that you can protect it from moisture in the case if sprinkles are ever needed.

In the same time, you should add protection from insects because they just have to enter, and in the next year there will be hundreds more. So the main advice is to protect your stuff by frequently checking everything and not leaving it is.


Weather changes can affect our mood, our mental health, but when it comes to storage units, you have to find the one that contains all features that we have mentioned above. In the same time, you have to be precautious and prepare everything as the worst thing will happen.

That is just in case and who knows, you can also ensure those items if there is something too expensive.


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