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Are you waiting for the telephonic interview? Bravo! If the fear of making an impression from distance gets you anxious then don’t worry. With the following tips, you will learn how to sound confident over the phone, how to convince the recruiter with your answers, how to handle difficult questions, and much more.

Let’s get started!

  • Double-check interview details

Check the time and date of the call before going for the telephonic round. If the call is from abroad, make sure to check the time difference and the time zone. Know the full name of the interviewer in order to address in a formal way.

  • Do your research

Visit the company website to know every single detail about the company and the profile you have applied because some sorts of questions are also asked based on these. Be sure about that your skills are matches with the given criteria.

  • Practice

 Tell your friend or a family member to take a mock telephonic interview with you. Record the conversation and note down the important point which you need to improve. Doing so can help in answering smartly as well as you can improve your tone.

There are various call recorder apps which you can use to get the same.

  • Ask questions

Always ask at least a couple of questions to the interviewer. The questions should be related to the job profile, company culture, etc. It will show your motivation for the role and the company.

  • Turn off call waiting

Don’t forget to off the call waiting as it creates a distraction and breaks the flow of the conversation.

  • Be ready with Paper and pen

Be ready with the pen and paper.  Note down all the important points that the recruiter provide about the company and job profile.

  • Be polite and professional

Interviewers are very proficient in knowing your comfort level. So, keep your tone pleasant throughout the interview.

Use professional language to address the recruiter. Use Mr or Ms followed by the person’s last name. If you do not know the last name of the person, you can address him/her as sir or madam. Make sure that you sound courteous and polite.

  • Thank the interviewer

Before disconnecting your call, do remember to thank the interviewer for giving their precious time and consideration. It shows your etiquettes towards the interviewer. 

Give your best as it can help you in paving the way for further interactions with the recruiter.  To know more about the interview tips, you can visit various job portals.

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Engineer by education but a professional content writer by passion, Pragyan Prabha finds solace in writing. She loves writing on job search, interview tips, career guidance and many more.


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