How Radiation Therapy tends to simplify Cancer treatment?

There was a time when cancer was incurable. A great advancement has taken place in the realm of medical science. Now we have treatments for fatal diseases like cardiovascular ailments, cancer and others. Cancer, irrespective of the region where it has occurred, is the most dangerous disease undoubtedly. Radiation therapy is one of the treatments for Cancer. Now, you may be having a lot of questions about it. You may feel how the treatment works, what results you may expect and how can it help. All your questions will be answered in this section.

What is Radiation therapy?

Also addressed as radio therapy, in the therapy to treat Cancer, powerful radiation is used to kill the cancer cells. The powerful energy or the light rays can inhibit the growth or development of cancer cells. If used along with other treatments like chemotherapy and surgery, radio therapy can be very effective and deliver the best results. When other kinds of treatments fail to show results, radio therapy is used immediately to control or inhibit the growth of cancerous cells. This is a curative therapy which offers survival benefit. It can increase the life expectancy of the person. When it comes to the dose of radiation or the frequency of taking the therapy, it depends on certain factors.

When is the radio therapy used?

The radio therapy is used when one suffers from cancer in any of the regions of the body including the breasts, skin, lung, uterus, spine, cervix, prostate, larynx, pancreas or stomach. At times the rays may even be targeted on the cells that are not supposed to be cancerous. Doing so will safeguard the healthy cells and prevent them from getting cancerous.

Top three methods to administer radio therapy

Radio therapy may basically be administered internally, externally or it can be systemic therapy. When surgery is performed at the time of brain cancer, external radiation is used. External radio therapy is fairly easy whereby the patient need not stay for a long time in the hospital. Internal therapy is used exactly on the affected area. When radiation is inserted to the patient’s mouth or is injected into the body, it is referred to as systemic therapy. Know one thing that not all the therapies can make a patient radioactive. On the other hand, an internal therapy needs the patient to stay in the hospital.

Radiation therapy: the most important treatment for cancer

Yes! Among all the treatments, Radio therapy is one of the top treatments for cancer. It mainly uses radiation or high energy waves that are channelized towards cancer cells. Radio therapy can directly kills the cancer cells and herein lays the benefits. As it destroys cancer cells, the patient gets great relief. Along with radio therapy, you may also be prescribed sonography test if there is an instance of stomach cancer.

Is there any side effect of radio therapy?

There is no such serious side effect of radio therapy. But, the patient can feel feverish, tired or exhausted a bit. Radio therapy can cause dry mouth, skin irritation and lead to vomiting, nausea, dizziness. Side effects of radio therapy vary from person to person. There are a few people who don’t encounter any side effect.

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