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How Laser Tag Equipment Works

Laser tag sets are becoming more and more popular as it gives live playing experience with shooting, hunting, and other such games. It is a fun multiplayer game and you can enjoy the game a lot. If you are looking for a Star Wars-like experience from the comfort of your home or in a shopping mall then laser tag set is the perfect game for you. You can get to compare features of a variety of laser tag sets on this website https://beastslive.com/best-laser-tag-sets. The laser tag sets of commercial grade are safe to use even by kids and will not harm them or objects in the vicinity.

Typical working of the laser tag sets —

  • Guns – this is usually made out of plastic and contains a beam generator. The trigger mechanism in the plastic gun activates the laser. You can easily carry the weapon in one hand as it is quite lightweight and there is a computer chip in the gun that records the data and also the score of the players. In order to provide a realistic effect, these guns may also contain tactile, sound and light effects too. This gives a feeling of realistic shooting. This is a fun way to get your kids do some physical activities.
  • Sensor – this sensor unit can detect the light of the laser beam when it strikes it. The sensor is included with the gun or in case of playing the game in the arena, the vest or the chest plate contains the sensor.
  • Infrared – Some of the laser gun sets that are used for home-based have infrared lasers too. This laser light is not visible and hence you would need a sight to wear with it for accurate aiming.  There has been a lot of improvement in the system in the past decade and now they work accurately.
  • Battery – the guns and sensors are connected via Bluetooth and are portable and so they run on battery. You would need an AA or AAA battery for home-based laser tag sets while the arena ones make use of rechargeable batteries. Making use of rechargeable batteries for the set is a better option than the AA ones.
  • Durability – The home-based laser tag sets are less durable than the arena ones as it is made up of low quality plastic that makes them lightweight. If the child tampers the gun by dropping it several times then it would malfunction too. Choose a set that comes with a good warranty.

For more such products visit https://beastslive.com/best-laser-tag-sets.


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