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How it pays to be a ZAPster

You are dying to go for that vacation. Those old Facebook memories of Goa pop up reminding you that you need to hit the surf, but like a nagging henchman who turns up every month, you car EMI shows up and takes a chunk out of your budget, as you watch helplessly. After the excitement of scraping together the down payment and finding the best possible car finance interest rates, the arduous journey of paying has just begun. The pinch is too real; your new car is your biggest liability. If only you could balance it out somehow and share the expenses so you could afford that much-needed break! Zoomcar’s Zap initiative brings such wishful thinking to life, with a chance for you to share the liabilities of paying off your car with a company that enjoys the loyalty of 20 lac customers nationwide.

So, how does it Work?

The idea is very simple. List your new car on Zoomcar and earn from it. By signing up for this shared ownership plan, you can save up to 70% on EMIs. No more skipping nights out and budgeting your expenses, ZAP helps you by giving your car a platform to pay for itself. As you enjoy your cocktails on a beach, your new car will be in good hands, raking up the cash that made your vacation possible.

Buy a Car with ZAP

If you haven’t bought your car yet, this is the perfect opportunity to go ahead and make that dream come true at a much smaller cost than you would have thought. Zoomcar even has finance partners who can help you get some of the best rates.

The ZAP program is also open to pre-owned cars, provided they are less than 2 years old and have not been driven for more than 30,000 kilometres. When you buy cars online on reputed pre-owned dealers, be sure to check the important details so you can literally earn back your money spent by listing on Zoomcar.

ZAPster Starter Pack

First things first, the law requires your car to be registered as a commercial vehicle in order to get listed. You will also need to install your vehicle with Cadabra, a proprietary car monitoring platform that can track car usage in detail and provides you alerts so you can take preventive care and save on maintenance costs. Listing your car on Zoomcar is really simple; all you need is the app.

ZAP is offering new car owners and future car owners a perfect opportunity to reclaim their stretched finances. Enjoy this win-win situation and ensure that your car is used to the fullest potential. Go ahead; find out more on why it pays to be a ZAPster.


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