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How does Winstrol work for women?

Anabolic steroids are popular for women like they are for men. Anavar and Winstrol are steroids that they can afford to use, as these are comparatively milder. Female bodybuilders provide androgenic effect with low levels of comparison to many steroids in the market. The and ogenic effect by steroids is related to deepening of voice and hair loss.

Winstrol is used extensively in bodybuilding for women as it helps them cut down on fat and have a leaner body. The anabolic steroids are identified like the make effect developers in women. These drugs can change female qualities and lead you onto masculine effects.

Doses for Women

Anavar is the best steroid for women as it is milder than Winstrol. However, Winstrol is the ideal choice. If you can use the supplements responsibly with the drug, you don’t have to have much to worry. There are many women who complete the Winstrol cutting cycles and see the same results like men do.The Winstrol cycle gives weight loss results and their physique is leaner, stronger and conserves a larger amount of lean tissues and strength, which are lost many times during dieting. To see the results, women need a small dose of around 10 mg only for around 5-6 weeks.

Side effects for women

There are two forms of Winstrol and their level of effect works differently.Your testosterone levels go low and that is why it is important to add a significant amount of testosterone level for consuming Winstrol. Women also have testosterone levels, but that is less compared to what men have. Once you using the steroid, your testosterone level go back to the normal level. This is not same for women, and they are mildly affected by the androgenicity. Women who face virilization must stop using the drug immediately. These effects are not also reversible.

Reported reactions from using Winstrol

Women who supplement with Winstrol tend to have virilization effects. The condition can be quite dangerous as they start losing their femininity and become masculine. Women start having hair growth in the body, deeper vocal cords, disturbed menstrual cycle and clitoral enlargement. There are many anabolic steroids that have such effects and Winstrol is also like them. You need to understand that Winstrol does risk you into changing your physical appearance and also result in some internal changes.

Women who complete a Winstrol cycle is bound to have virilization experience. This is when she should stop her dosages. You will be fine if you stop at that moment, but continuing the dosage can lead you onto to permanent damage.

Even after so many issues, Winstrol is used extensively in bodybuilding for women. Many women transform their bodies as that is what they aim to be, while some control their dosages according to how their body reacts. 10 mg of Winstrol will not cause you a lot of problem if you can add that with exercise, food and healthy lifestyle. Be of your toes to make sure that your steroid dosage does least harm.


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