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How does Salesforce look from the Drupal precipice?

Salesforce is one of a complete CRM solution for all customers who are interested in making complete use of their online data and marketing strategies. Anyone can tackle a Salesforce app on a Drupal website. The developer edition account is a must along with a Salesforce Drupal module for full functioning for a CRM platform.

For beginning any data mining process, on any platform, you need to determine the relevant objects. The most relevant objects are leads, contacts, campaigns, and cases. Each Salesforce account comes with several extensions. Sandbox gives a complete development environment. For creating new Sandbox accounts, you should go to Create New Sandbox option. This is the beginning of connecting Salesforce to Drupal.

You can use a fast ticket system

All authorized Salesforce and Drupal users can use a Ticket System. A quick ticketing system can create cases within Salesforce and at the same time use the entity form module. This allows you to create new ways that you can later use to collect and store data like Webforms (they use Drupal fields).

Salesforce for all Drupal users

The new Salesforce modules can allow you to map the Drupal entity bundles to the various objects in Salesforce. You should be able to access expert SalesforceDx help at this point. This is where all the complications begin!

Drupal has its versions of Salesforce modules depending on engines and features. The last suite, Salesforce Suite (7.x – 3.x) supports complete Salesforce integration by synchronization of Drupal entities including users, nodes, and files with Salesforce objects like organizations and opportunities. Thanks to the new visual interface, almost all of these changes can have visual representations.

How to connect the field elements?

As a developer, you can use field mappings to sync data between Drupal and Salesforce. You can start by selecting a Drupal entity like a user and then move on to select a Salesforce object like an id. This would create a field mapping that will link these objects together. You can create as many field maps as you please using the Salesforce app. However, you can only define one-to-one mappings at present.

Do you need custom data solutions?

Custom solutions will help if you want to define more than one field mapping. If you have a more complex export and import requirement, you need custom solutions as well. The new SalesforceDx will help in minimizing the requirement of custom solutions. This will allow the creation of original and more dynamic plugins.

The suite includes a new API architecture that allows the plugging in of additional modules to help with data mining. Salesforce has given a new dimension to the integration of big data with Drupal.

Author Bio:

Lucy Jones is a website developer who has been working with Salesforce API development for the last six years. Flosum.com has given him the chance to integrate e-commerce data generation with Salesforce data management. She is on a mission to perfect mining of big data.


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