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How do you achieve better smile?

The most celebrated actors and musicians, actor, actresses, models and you possess one thing that is most important –the smile. A healthy smile is a key to an impressive appearance. You are not the only one to think about getting a beautiful smile with proper teeth construction, for shapely teeth is one of the most important factors to look amazing.  Our orthodontist approaches your brace with the thought that fixing uneven teeth is the way that can make you look good with confidence. moraga ca dentist is the solution for you.

Perfect bracing and beautiful smile

We consider bracing in a different way. We focus solely on the actions to make your smile look more beautiful and more bright rather than concentrating on the crowding and crookedness. We provide special care to each couple and best results that you have been dreaming about.

You are important to us

Our first step we take while analyzing your smile is vertical incisor Position.  When your teeth are fully visible and positioned perfectly, your smile looks bigger and brighter than when it was hidden. We take into account the reshaping the four flat teeth in the front and make sure that those teeth are positioned perfectly to contribute a greater smile our Moraga ca dentist

The perfect time for an Orthodontic Evaluation

We do not prefer using braces until your children have lost all their baby teeth and the most permanent teeth have finished appearing.  We commence doing a little orthodontic operation when your kid is younger. It works better for the results from braces or Invisalign. It is because the American Association of Orthodontist and pedestrian suggest that children go for Orthodontist treatment when they are seven years old or more than that. But it helps to create important changes to provide your kids with the better looking smile.

Different Phases of Orthodontic treatments

We realized a long ago that starting advance treatment when your child still has the baby teeth, can reduce the possibility the problems in the mouth. Most orthodontists start to treat everyone in two separate ways. All the academic institutions in the country have researched on this particular subject to find out whether the two-phase treatment is appropriate and superior to most kids. It is hence proved by the University of North Carolina, that the two phase of orthodontist treatment is only safe for 33 percent of children.
However, we are against the idea of two phased treatment. It is not a good to get your child braces for the second time. We provide interceptive treatment which means to prevent and interrupt the issues before to me more complicated and problematic.

Make the right choice

There is no proper time or valid date to start your kid’s orthodontic treatments. The best way to get the great results for your children is to go for the right orthodontist to consult the possibility of your kid’s problem and get the best suggestion possible. Our orthodontists will help you to understand the pros and cons of the treatment procedures and get your child a better smile with great confidence.


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