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How can one block cryptocurrency browser mining

The market of cryptocurrency is growing larger and now more and more websites are moving on the path of the pirate bay to provide cryptocurrency browser mining services. Most of the websites make use of Coin Hive for this purposes. But if you are not interested in such mining activities then you must block that processes using these techniques,

  1. Make use of a no coin extension for chrome – there are several chrome extensions that are available to prevent cryptocurrency browser mining. This is a straightforward and a free solution. This open-source extension No Coin can control the way a website interacts with your browser. When you visit a website No Coin detects any sort of mining activity and informs you. There is a provision to whitelist some websites for a period of time if you wish.
  2. Make use of miner Block Chrome extension — There are also extensions such as miner Block that is similar to No Coin. These extensions detect few popular websites that mine crypto but they are adding more and more to their database.
  3. Block domains of coin mining websites in hosts file – you can block particular domains manually which you might not consider as safe. The browser will not connect to these domains because of the blocking action. This blocking can be done by editing the host’s file and redirect it to
  4. Make use of Adblocker to block the domains – there are extensions such as AdBlock that helps in prevention of cryptocurrency browser mining. The settings for this extension is browser based and you must follow instructions related to a particular browser on which you are blocking mining.
  5. For Firefox browser make use of No Script.  — There are JavaScript blocking extensions available for Mozilla Firefox such as No Script. But you must note that this extension is quite aggressive and it will block lots of other websites.
  6. Block cryptocurrency browser mining using Coin Hive in Opera web browser – the Opera 50 browser has an inbuilt functionality in order to block Coin Hive scripts that are the primary crypto mining technique. This makes sure that the computer does not respond abruptly when it encounters a digital coin mining website or software. There is a setting in the Settings –> Basic –> Block ads and then under the recommended lists section you can add the ad filters.


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