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How Brands Can Still Win Over Customers as Attention Spans Decrease on Social

According to recent research, Facebook users spends an average of 1.7 seconds on the platform out of 2.5 seconds of their desktop. This simply shows that what effect content has on the lives of people and social media activists. The studies are even more interesting for the young social media users and the time is getting shorter and shorter with time. However it is the best time for the business owners to make good use of the situation. As the mobile use has becoming more and more common and people have started spending more time on the social media platforms, brands can certainly take advantage of the situation and can mix their marketing strategy with the content.

                Another research that is made on the social media shows that the percentage of awareness increases when the content on the social media is provided in the form of the video. The shorter videos are more effective as compared to the longer ones. That is why getting a video content for your social media page is not a bad thing at all. In this world of social media and technology, the engagement has got shrunk and brands can now maximize their exposure. NewswireNEXT (https://newswirenext.com/) has shortlisted some points with which business can create a good impact on their customers on the social media platforms.

Relevant and useful ads:

                You can creative while creating content for the social media users but you are required to be relevant as well. You can come up with the personalized content and can let your customers know how important they are for you. According to a recent research, 75 percent of the consumers prefer buying from the brand that recognizes them by name and provides them with the recommendations based on their previous purchases. More than 33 percent of the people on the internet spend time on the content that is customized according to their interest. You have to come up with the same content as well in order to increase the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.

                Although traditional marketing doesn’t allow the businesses and advertisers with this unique opportunity but social channels have the ability to help you in creating customized content. Vertical ad formats have become effective as well and because the ads take up the whole screen, there are more chances that the people who open them get the full audio and video experience. However, it is up to you to make sure that the content is entirely focused on your brand and you convey the message in the few seconds. Says Roger from Ed Cal Media Agency.

Faster loader times:

                The world has become short for the slow pacers and more then 53 percent of the internet users leaves the website that takes longer to get load. So, if you are having a website that takes time to get completely loaded, then you are definitely committing a sin. Make sure that your website is optimized and is mobile friendly as well. Make your website easy to use by enhancing the viewing experience. Furthermore, it is advised to select channels that can be effective for your marketing purposes. There is no need to spread your content all over the internet to increase your sales. This will only increase your budget and nothing else. Do your research and make a list of channels where your targeted customers are more active. You can then design content according to those channels.


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