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Honda Grazia |First Ride Review

The Honda Grazia is a well-known scooterfrom Honda which made its debut on the roads in the month of November2017.  It is a result of smart engineering blended with an addition of fun quotient. Honda Grazia is regarded as a prominent means of commuting in urban settings so, let us explore the possible reasons for this. In order to attain a holistic view of Grazia, go through the following review formulated after the first ride on this scooter. Keep reading!

The design speaks for itself

Revivals are a part of Honda and its innovations. Consequently, Grazia is also a developed version of Honda Activa 125 and has undergone certain upgrades in the body and internal specifications. These include:

  • The transition from the metallic body of Activa to the plastic body in Grazia. This weighed much lesser and looked way better than the previous model.
  • Grazia possesses angular lines along with the newly-styled headlamp. The headlamp shares its underpinning with the 2017 model of Honda CBR 1000RR Fireblade.
  • Grazia comes in six color variants, all of which are funky and in accordance with the latest color standard of cool-looking scooters.

It’s Showtime!

According to user reviews, Grazia excels in performance as well as Mileage. Its 125 cc engine provides ample amount of power which is sufficient to make this scooter quickest of them all. Since the power delivery takes place seamlessly, the rider can barely feel those vibrations irrespective of the extent of the power band. It provides a remarkable mileage of 70 kmph that too at 6500 rpm per day, and still, the scooter never ceases to perform. The highly refined and good-quality engine makes this a piece of a cake and the owner is benefitted for sure. Grazia is the scooter of cities and therefore it runs efficiently on highways and rough roads. Its ground-breaking technology makes the scooter fuel-efficient and escalates the possibility of a fairly good mileage.

Handling Grazia on the roads

Grazia is a smartly-designed scooter that has been designed with the ergonomics taken into consideration. The seat is as high as 766 mm and is suitable for both tall and short riders. The floorboard in Grazia is spacious while its handlebar offersan ease of holding to the rider. Usually, the problem arises in the proper placement of the rider as well as the pillion. The Grazia is spacious enough so as to accommodate both of them on the well-padded seats. While riding, the rider does not feel bouncy and tackles the oddities of roads with the help of its impeccable suspension setup. The new disc brake system makes the braking far simpler and better for a novice rider and that forms a plus point for the scooter. The riders remain poised and stable all through their journey owing to these brilliant features of Grazia.

Definitely worth the cost!

There is no dearth of features and special properties in the Grazia which can compel you to buy it for a joyous riding experience. It is a formidable scooter with everything an urban dweller looks for in their mode of commuting. Refer to other reviews and then decide for yourself.


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