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Home Renovations: 4 Benefits for Adding a Detached Garage

Renovating and updating your home is all about improving the look. Every home needs a garage, but this does not mean you have to settle for an old attached garage. It is hard to make that type of garage work because it normally looks out of place. This is why some homeowners love the detached garage look. The following are some benefits of choosing this option when renovating your home.

Better use of Space

Removing the garage or not placing one right next to your home frees up space so that you can use it in a smarter way. For example, the area can become a small garden where you can grow some herbs or fresh vegetables. You can also use the area as a patio to entertain guests and serve them some BBQ. Your garage can be situated away from your home or in the back so that it does not disturb the overall look of your home.

More Exercise

Life can get a little hectic, and it might be hard to exercise from time to time. Building a detached garage means you are going to be walking to and from your garage often, which is good for you. It may not be a long walk, but it is a lot better than not doing anything at all. Plus, those who live in a very well-landscaped home should definitely be able to enjoy the scenery while getting some exercise at the same time.

Additions are possible

Having professionals like those at https://shedsunlimited.net/garage-collection/prefab-car-garages also gives you a chance to do more with your garage later on. An attached garage can be great, no doubt about that, but it may be costly to add living space right above if you ever need more room for a growing family. It is a lot easier to add a room or an entire studio over a detached garage. There are a few perks to having your garage attached like being able to get your groceries from your car and take them straight into your home, but being able to add living space is something to consider.

Detached and Multi-Purposeful

One major benefit of having a garage is that it can also be used as a workshop. The only little problem is that using an attached garage as a workshop can be a little noisy. Of course, you can make your garage soundproof, but a detached garage does not require that. A detached garage would be ideal for a workshop where fire-based projects will be done. You do not have to worry about odors penetrating into the house, and fire hazards are further away from the main house, which should give you some peace of mind.

These are just some of the benefits worth mentioning, but there are others. You should talk to a garage expert to find out more information. He or she will help you find out if a detached garage will work for your property and if this is a wise choice.


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