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Healthy Eating Rules Put Forth by Top Nutritionists

There are many myths and misconceptions surrounding what to eat and what not to eat. Add to this the fact that conflicting opinions and discoveries are thrown in everyday and you are left confused about what to follow and what to ignore. Well, here are a few basics on eating healthy put forth by India’s top nutritionists so you know whom to trust when prepping up your everyday meals.

Minimize your Sugar and Sodium Consumption-

Although sipping on coffee without sugar and staying away from the salt shaker are good ways to begin with, you need to keep a check on packaged food as well. Individuals get their sodium and sugar intake from pasta sauce, soups and rice mixes. Start off by examining the nutrition label on your breakfast cereal. Divide the sugar in grams by four and you easily get the number of teaspoons preset in the cereal.

Have a Well-BalancedBreakfast-

Breakfast is truly the most essential meal of the day. It is a prerequisite if you want to improve cognitive function, set your metabolism in motion on a good note and enhance your food choices. Ideally, breakfast should comprise of healthy fats, complex carbohydrates and proteins. This makes sure you are well nourished and as these proteins and carbohydrates take their time to burn, energy is gradually expended, making you feel more satiated.

Don’t Simply Count Calories-

Calories are not created equally. A 100 calorie pack of cookies does not mean that you obtain only 100 calories from it. You need to focus on the additional sugar and fat contained in them as well. Rather than following this approach, even the best nutritionist in India advises that you opt for healthy, nutrient rich foods that are high in fiber, minerals and vitamins as well as naturally low in calories.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions when Eating Out-

You can never trust a restaurant menu as even the healthiest sounding meals can be smothered with sauce or filled with butter. So when ordering your food, ask questions about how the dish is prepared and what are the kind of dressings and sauces that accompany the dish. Make certain that the server understands you merely want a simple, healthy choice of food items.

Swear by Whole Grains-

Whole grain foods are always the better option. This includes brown rice, whole wheat and oatmeal. In contrast to other processed foods, these foods come with more nutrients and fiber which help to minimize the risk of heart diseases and diabetes. Whole grains keep you full for a longer period of time and are healthier for your body. In short, do not get rid of carbohydrates completely, rather switch to whole grains.

Take Pleasure in the Food you Eat-

The concepts that revolve around healthy eating and enjoying your food shouldn’t clash. Rather than treating healthy eating as a diet, move towards a healthy lifestyle that is going to benefit you in the long run. Make healthy choices by opting for nutritious foods you take pleasure in eating. Remember, food is not merely a means to help you survive; it needs to be something that nourishes you while you enjoy it.

You can Never have Enough of Vegetables-

When serving yourself, fill at least half your plate with vegetables. Opt for crunchy vegetables and complete your meal with whole grains and legumes on one side and lean protein on the other. Broccoli, leafy greens such as kale and Swiss chard, green beans and Brussels sprouts are recommended.

A well experienced and famous nutritionist in Indiacan give you a better idea of healthy eating rules that are specifically meant for you. All in all, the above-mentioned rules work for every individual on a mission to eat healthy and live happy.


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