Handy Expert Tips To Recover Your Stuck Vehicles

Be it summer or an ideal weather for vacation, the number of trips by car increases, so it is not strange that your vehicle could get stuck in places with lots of sand and dirt (areas near a beach or on a mountain road. Therefore, be aware of the tricks and advice we give you to ‘rescue’ your car.

  • As soon as you notice lack of grip as the accelerator advances, Just lift the right foot. Skating the wheels only dig in the sand, with the risk of embedding the chassis. To try to increase the grip, reduce the pressure of the tyres of the motor shaft in a bar as you would experience in snow. The wider tread will prevent the wheel from sinking further.
  • With the help of a shovel or hand, remove as much sand as possible from the front and rear wheels advance area. Objective: find a flat surface to be able to take some momentum at startup. Otherwise, you can use the best vehicle recovery device like MAXTRAX MK II Safety Orange (pair). It is simple and safe to mount or recover your vehicle from extreme dirt, sand and mud.  Act gently on the clutch and accelerator at the start to avoid re-key and if you detect that the car stops again try to turn the wheel something left or right to see if you get more traction here.
  • If you are still not able to recover your stuck car, you can try to put long branches by shimming the base of the front tyre and in the direction of travel of the vehicle. But it also depends on the availability of long tree branches, therefore it’s advised to carry a portable vehicle recovery device like MAXTRAX MK II Safety Orange (pair). If you have a strap, hook it in a car that will tow you and if not, that the human support will allow to pull the strap in the direction of travel. You will notice extra traction much better than pushing from behind. Another emergency option is to put the mats under the tyre. It will allow you to leave the rut and do not hesitate and do not stop.
  • There are people who believe that it is good for someone to climb on the hood that leads to increasing the grip. Error !! In extreme sand circumstances, it is better to lighten the vehicle. In addition, you run the risk of denting the bonnet or fin. Cars that are equipped with traction control, if its operation is very intrusive, it is convenient to disconnect it. If activated, it immediately stops the risk of skidding. It may be preferable to skate something if we get some progress.

If we can place the snow chains, especially those made of cloth; they can be proved to be a great assistant to get out of the quagmire. You should consider all these points but it’s better to equip yourself with a vehicle recovery device that should be very handy, easy to use and can give you a maximum productivity in extreme conditions.

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