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Great Leadership Lesson from a Baseball Fan

Managing a baseball team is like managing a large corporation. When you manage a baseball team of so many players, you get to learn a lot about leadership. It is not easy to manage so many players and make them give their best in the field. To do this you need to have emotion, strategic skill and passion. Emile Haddad Seattle is a baseball fanatic. He has more than 20 years’ experience in business leadership training and consultancy. Emile says his love for baseball has taught him the basic of leadership. He claims that it is through baseball, one can learn to face life and the challenges of professional demand.

He does not only love to watch baseball. He plays for fun as well. Emile says that he is more a baseball fanatic. His love for baseball has made him create a blog where he writes extensively about baseball. His love for baseball has made him smarter and faster. Emile says that he cannot remember from when his love for baseball has started. It is something which has always been there. His Twitter handle is about leadership and baseball. It is of little wonder that Emile will combine his love for baseball in his profession of business leadership training.

So, the question is what Emile Haddad Seattle has learned from baseball. What leadership lesson baseball has to offer to its fans? If you examine too closely, you will find that baseball talks about leadership because beginning to end a match is like running an organization. Turning a defeat into victory is like gaining a big contract.

Like business leadership it is all about team. Without employees an organization cannot run. Likewise without an able team a baseball match cannot be won. This is the first lesson of baseball and also the first lesson of business leadership. If you want success, build a successful team. In both baseball and business it is the team which brings the victory. Even in defeat with a strong team behind you, there will be lessons to learn. This is the second lesson which baseball teaches its fans.

In baseball you need strong swing to make a home run. In baseball you need the skill of going about high hits. In business leadership you need big thinking. Without big thinking you cannot make it big in the business. Emile teaches those who decide to learn from him that thinking big is the way to make it big. Without the courage to swing high, you will never be able to earn big bucks. This is the third lesson of baseball.

Patience is the key which always breeds success. When you hold on to patience you get yourself prepared for the pitch. When you are playing baseball, you need to keep your nerve strong and wait for the pitcher to deliver the pitch. Once you assess the pitch you will be able to hit it without perfection. This is similar to business leadership. A leader always needs to be patient and wait for the right time to deliver the action.


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