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Grab the Best Deal While Buying Gold – Know How!

Whether you go to purchase gold for a special occasion or to indulge yourself, buying gold can either be delightful or scary. Buying gold can be a tricky affair if one doesn’t know exactly what to consider before buying gold. So, if you’re a beginner looking to purchase gold, then this article is for you. Today’s topic of discussion is how to buy gold the correct way. Here are a few things to get started with.

  1. Research and familiarize with its purity standards:

The value of gold is determined by its purity standards in other words karats. The karat measurement breaks down gold into 24ths. This means 24 karat gold is 100% pure while 12 karats plated gold diamond jewellery is 50% pure. Now, higher the karat the more costly is the gold jewellery piece. However, 24 karat gold is very soft and easily prone to scratches. Hence, you can go for a mix like 18 karat gold plated in diamond jewellery designs for your special occasion.

These types of gold ornament set will also provide a higher value for money and last longer.

  1. Vermeil gold or plated gold:

If you are planning to self-indulge for occasional wear then the good option is to pick gold plated jewellery. The gold plated jewellery involves dipping other metals into gold. However, vermeil gold means the original metal will comprise solely of sterling silver. This sliver, when dipped in gold, will give rise to a gold-silver gold plated piece which will offer a signature timeless look.

  1. Pick colour, type and designs:

If you are looking for a gold ornament set for bridal wear, you can pick one that offers a classic signature gold necklace, a 3-gram gold ring, earbuds and a tikli. Traditional Bengali, Marathi and South Indian styles will look grand with necklace pieces. Now, once you have picked the design and type, select the colour. You can get a gold ornament in white, yellow and shades of the pick. White and pink gold jewellery are usually coated with gold. However, yellow gold is also coated to a certain degree, so check hallmarks if you are planning to make a pure gold purchase.

  1. Pick a reputable shop or dealer:

Buying gold is tricky as mentioned; hence, do not go to a dealer which isn’t well known. Do your research thoroughly and then pick a retailer which has the most popular reputation online. Now, once selected asked the dealer about proof of certification, credential etc. to be extra sure. Also, ensure the shop you picked has resize options along with custom design offer to provide you with exactly the types of styles you covet.

  1. Check the markings:

After selecting your desired piece of jewellery, look out for the markings. Some will show markings in ‘K’ indicating the karat, while others will show the percentage of gold in decimals.

For example, ‘585’ indicates a 14 karat gold. Lastly, don’t forget to check warranty once you are done with the purchase. Good luck!


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