Google Pixel 2: Why to Buy?

In this eventful timetable, smartphones are like the most significant part of every one’s life. From previous few years there is heighten in the trade to obtain new gadgets and grab more clients because smartphone are now not just a necessary but has turned out to be a fashion and sign of modernization. From its debut, Google has always been counted among top 5 Android phone companies and Pixel series is the greatest attempt made by this American company.

The latest Pixel flagship of Google has released in October 2016 and still for most people it is a mystery. In this context, we are attempting to place some essential specification details of Pixel which make easy to know why to choose Pixel to buy?

Google Pixel is the silkiest, shiniest stylus-equipped oversized-screen Smartphone offered by Google for having a great Smartphone experience ever. On the plus part, it is alight with thin, glossy, strong camera and killer battery life which is making it more lovable among people. Rumours are saying, same is expected with Google Pixel 2 which would be forthcoming model of Pixel series.

The Pixel 2, as expected, attributes an aluminium and Gorilla flute design near alike to that which launched on the Pixel last year which is giving it a cool look. It will be accessible in 4 impressive colours like black, white, gold and silver models.

The Pixel 2 will run on Android 7 Nougat, and the additional feature is its new TouchWiz version made by Google itself. This furnishes the gadget with a plenty of Google’s own applications, such as G suite, Gmail, calendar, hangout, drive etc.

There is a 16MP Back camera and 8 MP front camera for enhancing your image quality and photo experiences. Pixel 2 will arrive with a live broadcast spec which enables you to capture video using phone’s camera and have it live-streamed directly to YouTube.

Google Pixel 2 is specialised with an Octa core processor clocked at 2.9 GHz with 64 bit which is really amazing for Smartphone lovers.

One addition to this flagship of Google is that it has arrived with a niche for Google’s typical Pen stylus which let its users to sketch and compose notes on its display. This an improved features that has tested with Pixel 2.

Charging is the major issue for every Smartphone users. What could be amazingly superior to a charging facility that allows your phone to fully charge within 120 minutes only. Yes, Google Pixel 2 has this facility. It has also come with a wireless charging cable which prop up charging and battery hoarder.

This Pixel series is available in storage capacity of 32 GB, and more expandable to 128 GB. It also has 4GB RAM for giving a speed experience.

Another wow feature of Pixel 2 is its prevailing Retina and Finger print Scanner. This is made for giving you a more secure privacy lock and control. With this feature, you will have the complete rule on whether you desire to let it unlock or keep it private under your direction.

If we talk about Google Pixel 2 Release Date, it will come in the October month as brand chose this month last year for its first flagship in pixel series.

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