God is Still Conveying His Messages, whether you Believe it or Not!

A prophet is the speaker for God. The prophet warns, admonishes, directs, intercedes, encourages, counsels and teaches. He brings the message of God to the people of God and calls the individuals to respond.A part of the prophetic ministry includes prediction of the future. In the Old Testament, almost every prophet appeared first as a foreteller. The prophet has access to the future through his fellowship with the eternal God. He is the prophet who has insight into God’s purposes for history. Nevertheless, whatever he perceives for the future is always related to the present-day. He counsels of future judgements so that individuals will change their behavior now. He speaks of future consecration to give hope for the present. In light of the future that God has revealed to him, the prophet speaks to the present. Practical holiness and repentance are based on a message concerning the future

Prophets see more than others the persistent influences that matters from the past and intensely affect the present and the ultimate future. They see the variety, the unbroken span of present, past and future as few see it. In today’s generation without faith and hope, the need for God’s opinion is greater than ever. People should be grateful to God that He is using Prophet TB Joshua as a spokesperson to the world to prophesy relating to nations and the domain at large, with the succeeding events in the coming weeks directly authorizing their accuracy.

Guidance and Direction.

Prophets bring the message of the God to the church. In the events of the world, people can get so caught up that they do not see what God is doing. This is predominantly true in festive times, when it can be very difficult to see the hand of God at work. Prophets will give vision and direction in these situations, so that God’s people know what is taking place, and what they ought to do. Clairvoyants like Prophet TB Joshua can give direction to those who are on the lookout for the will of God. At times the prophetic word will be for the leadership of the church or for the church as a whole.

Personal prophecy must be handled with care and caution. The gift of prophecy is not generally directive, so it is precarious to make life changing decisions on the basis of a prophecy voiced by a person who has not been renowned as a clairvoyant. Prophets will every now and then give direction, but usually this should come as a validation of something that God has already spoken to the person concerned. God wants to lead his followers by his Spirit. He desires that every devotee should learn to hear the Divine Spirit’s voice. A word from a prophet should generally come as a confirmation of something that the Holy Spirit has already spoken. Prophets and verdicts go together. Without the prophets, God does not have power to bring precautionary judgments against evil. Unless God sends judgments against evolving evil, the prophets would be just crying in the air. Prophets and judgments were God’s stratagem for restraining evil in the world.

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