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Getting to Understand Airbnb and its Services

Airbnb serves two groups of people. It serves the group of people looking to lease their homes and apartments for a brief period. Also, it serves people wishing to rent the homes and the apartment. Some of the housing that this service allows include hotel rooms, hostel beds, homestays as well as apartment rentals. Finally, Airbnb allows people to rent and lease vacation rentals. Now, the services of Airbnb can be found in more than 191 countries. Another thing to note about the service is that Airbnb does not own any house or apartment. Instead, Airbnb acts as a broker between the two groups mentioned above. For more information about Airbnb, visit their website at https://airbnbhandsfree.com.au/.

Its presence

As of 2016, it was estimated that the company had a hand in more than 3 million deals around the world. Out of the 191 countries, Airbnb has its presence in over 65,000 cities. Also, Airbnb is not involved in setting the price of the houses. This is entirely left on the host.

The procedure

There are many ways through which you can access Airbnb. The easiest way is through their website. There are plenty of applications on which its services can be found including Android, IOS and Apple Watch. To become a member of Airbnb, you don’t have to pay anything. On a normal day, the company will receive a 10 percent cut of the guest fee. On the host side, Airbnb receives a 5 percent cut. Looking for the right accommodation for a user can be quite interesting. The search can be based on many factors such as price, dates and location. It can also be based on lodging type.


Before registration, there are important documents and details that should be provided by the host and the guests. Some of these documents include a government issued ID scan, payment information as well as a photo. The two parties are also expected to produce a valid phone number, valid email address and an original name. There are terms and conditions that are set by the host. A transaction can only be completed if the guest agrees to these terms.

More features offered by the service

Payments used in this case are online payments that should be paid within the first 24 hours of check in. Before a guest can move in with a host, they are required to make a security deposit that is returned at the end of the deal. If a host feels that they cannot live with a guest, they have the option of cancelling the transaction. However, this is a process that is known to attract a hefty fine for the host. Several cases led to Airbnb to set up a secondary insurance. However, they strongly recommend that the hosts acquire insurance covering even the guests. Their insurance, on the other hand, is quite comprehensive as it deals with property damage. Common issues that this insurance deals with include theft as well as vandalism by the guest. Airbnb has the option of linking its account to social media such as Facebook.


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