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From Innie To Outie During Pregnancy

In the womb of your mother you get nutrition from the umbilical cord that is attached to your naval at one end and placenta at another. The food she eats and oxygen filled blood goes to the uterus where it is exchanged with your blood which is carrying the waste products from your body in the placenta (a place where your mother’s both is most intimately connected with yours) and then your body gets the nutrition.

But when you are born, your mouth, lungs and the excretory system is functional and so you are independent from your mother’s body. The body loses the umbilical cord and closes its entry points in the body that is the naval point. The doctor after birth cuts this umbilical cors and the leftover stub also turns necrotic and falls down weeks later.

Outies is when this belly button is popped outwards from your belly and innie is when your belly button is carved inwards into your body. 90 percent people born with an outie will eventually have an innie by the time they are five years old.

The people with a lifelong outie most likely had a tiny umbilical or had a tiny infection at the bottom of the umbilical cord. Later it looks like a tiny polyp on the skin. While it’s not kind of a big issue, many people undergo surgery to change from outie to innie.

Along with the hernia, piles, bloating, stretch marks, edema, mood swings and morning sickness there comes another change in the mothers’ body during pregnancy. You belly button popping out in pregnancy is nothing to worry about. And you can do nothing to change it as it is just another symptom of the baby growing inside you.

But if your navel is wound up from getting rubbed against your clothes, you can use a belly button cover specially designed for moms. Due to the ever expanding abdomen, innie belly button pops in pregnancy. While the basic structure is not changed and mothers can expect their belly buttons to return to normal a few months after the baby is out and their structure returns to normal.

The belly button may look a bit stretched or worn out, but your struggle for your baby is a badge of honour to be worn around.

Usually women question that when will my belly button pop out in pregnancy, and it’s usually during late pregnancy like 27 weeks into pregnancy.  In some rare cases, a belly button pooping out during pregnancy which causes pain may suggest hernia of belly button which is usually congenital meaning they are present since birth.

A hole in the abdominal wall through which the part of intestine seeps out when large enough causes hernia since birth. But a very tiny hole may not be prominent unless the uterus expands enough to apply pressure and which causes the belly button to bulge out.

The symptoms of an umbilical hernia during pregnancy are bulging around belly button, dull pain, bulge inside belly or pain when you sneeze or cough. Being pregnant multiple times may up the chances of an umbilical hernia.


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