Free Software: Recover, Copy and also Perfect Data Deletion

While the Puran File Recovery program is used to recover erroneously deleted data, Full Wipe specializes in completely erasing them. My Flash Drive LED indicates writing or reading on USB media. And for Ultracopier, it is a toy for copying large volumes of data with different settings.

There is always a room of professional hard drive data recovery through experts. It may need some time in emergency.

Puran File Recovery

Puran produces one of the best disk defragmentation programs. It has recently embarked on a new development for recovering deleted data.

Puran File Recovery can be useful when you accidentally delete a file or folder and also drop the Trash. However, it is important to realize this as soon as possible, the chance of data recovery with time decreases.

Data is restored from virtually all Windows data storage (HDDs, SSDs, flash drives, USB flash drives, memory cards). The user interface is simple. Just let the media be scanned. For found files, you will see the name, path, size, and chance of restoring them. It also displays a preview for pictures. For professional memory card data recovery, you can choose SSD data recovery service.

Full Wipe

This program, unlike the previous date, does not restore, but destroys. It serves to completely delete data on the selected data repository.

When you run it, you can select the media to delete, scan, and then choose how well you want to delete it. There are several transcripts available, which means that the program on the media will write random data to ensure it cannot be restored. There are one, two or seven transcripts, and the possibility that the data will be overwritten until you give instructions.

My Flash Drive LED

If you have a USB flash drive or a memory card reader without a LED indicator and therefore do not know whether writing or reading is in progress, then this small utility might come in handy.

My Flash Drive LED, when the USB flash drive is started and connected, displays an icon in the taskbar information section, and the icon is red when the disc starts to write. If the disc starts to read, then it turns green.


For copying large volumes of data, it is good to use some special help. One such is the Ultracopier.

It features advanced tools and works on all data storage like HDD, CD, DVD, USB, etc., wherever a normal file manager works. Choose where to copy data, and optionally add parameters.

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