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Flowers and arrangements for Valentine’s Day

Gifting flowers to loved ones on Valentine’s Day is a long standing tradition. Moreover, gifting Valentine’s Day flowers on Valentine’s Day help one express true feeling and send across meaningful, heartfelt wishes. Flowers have an inherent natural beauty that can uplift any moment and occasion, turning it into a special one.

However, with so many options available these days, it can get very difficult and time consuming to make sure that one chooses the perfect bunch, bouquet, basket or vase that conveys the right meaning. Just as different flowers have different meanings and are associated with different feelings and expressions, the arrangements of these flowers have significance too. Understanding the right combination can go a long way.

This valentine’s day, make the perfect choice and send the right Valentine’s Day flowers with these cues.

A single flower has the most power

While many opt for abundance in the form of bouquets and vases, they often undermine the power of a single stem. Giving a special person a single flower tells the person that they are the one true love and are unique in every way. A single red rose can speak volumes about the love and passion one has. Likewise, a single stem of carnation shows ones admiration and passion on Valentine’s Day.

A bunch full of love

A hand held bunch truly signifies abundant love. Whether it is for a partner or for a loving daughter, the choice of flowers can help express ones feelings.  Moreover, a bunch of flowers holds the promise of convenience, as they can be easily carried and placed in the office desk or even be used to decorate a home. Gerberas, with their full bloom faces signify importance of a person in one’s life, whereas chrysanthemums stand for support, cheerfulness and family. Perfect for celebrating familial love on Valentine’s Day.

Bouquets with variety

A bouquet of flowers differs from a bunch. Bouquets are a bunch of assorted flowers arranged artistically. Essentially, bouquets give one a wide choice when it comes to expressing love on Valentine’s Day. One can choose the correct combination of meaningful blooms to convey their messages. For example, a bouquet of yellow roses that stand for friendship teamed with white gladiolus’ meaning faithfulness will make a great bouquet for a best friend that always has your back. Adding red roses the bouquet will tell the friend that they are a potential love interest!

Creative basket arrangements are a delight

Basket arrangements and table centre pieces give on the option of using a variety of flowers. Often arranged vertically, baskets are best gifted to bosses or for formal relations. One can choose baskets of pink, orange or white roses, carnations in different colours, gerberas lilies, anthuriums, orchids, etc. While gifting formal relations on Valentine’s Day, one can use orchids meaning charm and lilies that are an expression of modesty and purity of heart.

Vases are forever

Vases of flowers make great gifts for extended family relations like uncles, aunts or grandparents, etc. a Vase as a gift will always adorn the décor of the house. They also make perfect gifts for mothers and daughters. One can gift exotic tulips meaning a declaration of enduring love and always in memory.

A unique addition to a Valentine’s Day flowers gift would be to add a hand-written note about what the flowers signify and why the flowers were chosen for the receiver! Keeping the tips mentioned above, if a person places order to send flowers to India for his loved ones, the message will be more clear and impactful. This Valentine’s Day one can take advantage of online gifting sites in India and send flowers to convey the feelings directly to the valentine in India.

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