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Feature of Visual voicemail

Visual voicemail is a system which allows messengers (to send) as well as receivers (to receive) personal messages. Another name of visual voicemail is visual voice bank or visual voice messages. Information in the form of visual messages is transmitted from one person to another. On the broad manner, this term is defined as a system of transmitting stored messages with the helps of answering machine.

The first time when this feature of visual voicemail was launched, in 2007. Several companies of telecommunications have incorporated visual part into it to make it visual. Earlier this feature was incorporated by very few companies but now, several vendors are incorporating these feature into phone. Most of the phone vendors are using this as a basic feature but some are providing this feature additionally.

This type of voicemail are designed to deliver a caller’s message (recorded in audio form)to a receiver. There should be a user interface to select, play as well as manages messages. There is a notification system which helps to get the people notified about the messages. It totally depend on the individual that he/she wants visual voicemail or not because a proper procedure should be followed by the individual to turn on the visual voicemail as well as turn off the visual voicemail. Now the question comes about the procedure of visual voicemail? Bit the procedures are neither too complicated nor prolonged.

Procedure to turn on the visual voicemail-

  • Open the apps of the cell phone and then click on the app of voicemail. Now click on the set up.
  • Now, second thing is that one has to create a password and after creating password, click on done.
  • Now again confirm your password and after confirming the password, click on done.
  • Now, one have 2 options i.e., set as default or set as a custom.
  • If you have selected the custom then you will be able to file a new invitation or greeting.
  • Now, click on the done so as to save your invitation.

Procedure to turn off the visual voicemail

  • Open the page of app in your phone and tap on the “manage” in the app.
  • After entering into the visual voicemail section, tap on “remove from account” and in this you will be able to get rid of the visual voicemail app.

Plus points of visual voicemail-

  • Visual voicemail helps to transcribe the voicemail into the visual form which makes it easier for you to have access at any place and at any point of time. So it helps in saving the time to a greater extent.
  • If you are busy in any urgent meeting or you are busy in any conference and you are not able to get the information by the voicemail. In that situation, visual voicemail helps you to get all the information in a texted manner and by which, you don’t have to leave your meeting or conference and you can do both the things at the same time.


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