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Favourite dish of non-vegetarian lovers

There is no doubt that chicken chilli is the favourite dish of almost all of the non-vegetarian lovers. It is sure that this is the dish ordered by most of the people irrespective age and gender when they are at their favourite food courts. Its taste is something that can’t be described with words. At present, you can try this dish at your home to add the essence of love with the ingredients to make it taste more.  This is the best side-dish that can be taken with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian menus. It is prepared using both boneless and boned chicken.

Indian spices make the magic

It is the perfect mixture of the Indian spices that gives magical taste to chilli chicken. Yes, the dish is made using the best spices including black pepper and ginger. Cooking style and serving style can differ from hotels to hotels. Some take it with sauce and others prefer to taste plain chicken chilli. Perfect usage of spice and proper cooking methods can make it a special dish on your dining table. It is something that can be shared and tasted to create some of the memorable dining moments.

Favourite party dish

This dish is one of the inevitable dishes in non-vegetarian parties. The dish makes the menu a complete one. It is really hard to find a non-vegetarian lover who turns the head away from this dish. This is also the most preferred dish for night parties and celebrations. It is really a good idea to spend some time with friends and family members for a group dine. This really makes the life happy the build a good relationship that lasts for a long time.

Health matters

Your health really matters. Even though this is one of the common dishes in street food stores, it is better to make it at your home. You are not sure about the quality of the oil, ingredients and chicken when it comes from street food courts. Poor quality oil and ingredients can create health issues. Hence it is certainly a good idea to spend some time in your favourite kitchen to prepare this yummy dish.  It doesn’t take much time and you can prepare this dish with simple steps and few ingredients.

Get the recipe

Now you can get recipes posted by housewives to star hotel chefs. You can get it from the trusted online recipe sites. You can find hundreds of recipes for chicken chilli to try something different. Get it on your smartphone to start preparing the favourite dish.

Make this Sunday something special with your kids. Let them taste the favourite dish that comes from your kitchen. There is no doubt that you will get the best recipe to bring never experienced before taste to this dish. Make your favourite lunch or dinner dishes and use chicken chilli with it to create some wonderful stories of taste.

Now it is your time to get the best recipe in chilli chicken. Enjoy the incredible taste and utmost satisfaction when you are at dining table.



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