Fastest Way to Get a Personal Loan in Hyderabad

Personal Loans are now growing more popular among borrowers. They are easy to get, and involve very little paperwork. If you are employed in a good company, these loans can be approved within minutes. You can now apply for and get the loan sanctioned without leaving your home. You can even conveniently apply for Personal Loan online in Hyderabad.

Personal Loans for the Salaried

Lenders look for income stability, and salaried individuals have an assured income every month. So, banks and NBFCs offer unsecured loans at favorable terms to those with a steady employment. Apply online for a Personal Loan in Hyderabad. If you have a good income and a good credit history, your loan application will be processed and approved without delay.

Personal Loan Criteria

You need to meet certain basic conditions to get a loan.

Age and Residence

You should be at least 21 years old. Many banks require you to be 23 or older, because they want a job history to assess your capacity to earn a steady income. You should also provide proof that you have lived at your current address for at least a year.

Do you live in your own or your parent’s house? You have a better chance of loan approval as you have a permanent address than if you live in rented bachelor accommodations.

If you are very near to your retirement age, you loan amount could be reduced. The loan tenure will also be shorter.

Salary and Debt

The minimum salary required to get a Personal Loan varies based on many factors. Generally, banks look for a higher salary if you live in a big metro than if you live in smaller cities or towns. If you are employed by a large and established firm, that is a point in your favour.

Your net salary plays a big role in determining the loan amount sanctioned. Generally, banks require your debts to be no more than 40% of your income. If you have no other loans running and your salary is in proportion to the loan amount you asked for, the lender will sanction it quickly.

However, if you have another loan on which you are paying EMIs. your new loan eligibility will be reduced. Do not apply for too many loads at once, it flags you as a credit hungry person who cannot live within his income.

Credit Record

Banks also look at your credit history. If you have defaulted on other loans or been frequently late with your monthly payments, this will also reduce your loan approval chances or bring down the amount sanctioned. Generally, for a Personal Loan, banks look for a minimum of 750 in CIBIL score.

Be Prepared

Get ready a documents checklist and keep it handy. Get up-to-date copies of all the necessary documents. In addition to the KYC documents, you will also need to provide employment and income proof. If you are well prepared with all the paperwork needed, you can get instant Personal Loan in Hyderabad.

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