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Fashion in our daily life

Fashion is an art. It plays a major role in our daily lives. We may not realize it but it is present with us throughout. Everyone has a way of dressing and one gets dressed up according to their tastes and the situation. This is where fashion comes in. Accept it or not, it has become so important that one cannot live without fashion.

Fashion is growing at a faster pace nowadays. Many new fashion trends are evolving day by day. The trend which is new today becomes an old one the next day.

Therefore we carry fashion with us wherever we go. It is present with us in our daily life. This is evident from the following.

At workplace

People dress in a formal way in their work place. They dress in a confident manner. The dresses are decent and well ironed. Some places have a formal work uniform. Men and women are expected to be in button-up and collared shirts etc. Casual wears are avoided. Well polished shoes, decent and very little accessories are preferred. These all include fashion. These symbolize professionalism. Therefore, such fashion trends are followed at work place.

At school/college

Schools or colleges are generally the place for the discussion of fashion trends. Nowadays most of the young teens are aware of the recent fashion trends. They notice what everyone is wearing. They change their dressing, make-up and looks accordingly. They are always self-conscious about the way they look. The young people also try and create many new looks. So fashion plays a major role even in schools and colleges.

At Occasions

People are very conscious about fashion in occasions. Every occasion requires a different look. Depending on the occasion they change. Some prefer traditional look while some prefer modern one. At parties, people dress according to the theme. It doesn’t include only dress, but other things like shoes or sandals, costume accessories, handbags or purse for women etc. Even many new looks are tried at parties.

At Wedding functions, most people prefer to have a traditional look with costume jewellery. Fashion plays a great role at weddings. The fashion outfits, accessories for the bride and groom are something which everyone is ready to spend their money for. Fashion industries make lot of many by designing looks for weddings. For example, bride and groom and preferred to have coordinated outfits, styles etc.
Everyone wants to look and feel good during occasions and this is where fashion plays a great role.

Random outing

People are seen in casual wears for random outings like shopping etc. Their look changes according to the place they visit. A decent look for religious places, not so stylish look for social events, decent and dull look for hospitals, cool look for friends or family get together, royal look for big events etc. The fashion plays a major role which portrays a person exactly like one should look in that particular place or situation.

At home

This is where no one bothers about how they look. All the fashionable outfits, make-up do not exist when a person is home alone. It is the only place where fashion is put to rest.

Therefore fashion is the most important part of every ones lives. It defines a person. It sets the impression of a person which is always expected to be good. It is the portrayal of our taste and character. This is why one never compromises their look for the day.

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