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Facts about Fat Transplant and its Pros and Cons

Nowadays fat transplant procedure is gaining an increasing popularity. The procedure works by taking out fat from body parts with excess fat and injecting it into body parts that lack volume.

Thus, you may get your excessive fat removed from areas like belly, flanks, arms, thighs etc. and get it injected to less voluminous parts like face, breasts or buttocks.

As you can read at https://www.chelseacosmeticsmelbourne.com.au/stem-cells-transplant/, this process is well-tolerated, long-lasting and safe and generates natural-looking results.

Who can Consider Fat Transfer?

You can consider fat transfer procedure, if:

  • Some of your facial areas look sunken or creased
  • You want your body contour improved, scars revised, your hands and face rejuvenated and bodily depressions filled
  • You want more long-lasting rectification than is offered by temporary fillers
  • You want it to use in breast reconstruction, to hide visible signs of breast implants or to fill in contour anomalies

Pros of Fat Transfer

  • Fat from your own body (autologous fat), unlike dermal fillers, substitutes “like with like”, lowering the chances of adverse reactions to foreign bodies
  • The procedure offers results that are long-lasting, safe and natural
  • This is a noninvasive procedure for having facial rejuvenation

Cons of Fat Transfer

  • Fat tissues take time for preparing before their transfer, as compared to dermal fillers which are readily packaged
  • The cost of fat transfer is higher than dermal fillers
  • In case of augmentation, multiple sessions may be needed to achieve the breast or buttock size that patient desires

The Procedure

The procedure is done in three stages, viz. harvesting, purification and transfer, and placement.

To decide the area from where the fat is to be harvested, your surgeon will work with you and then you’ll be given a local anaesthetic.

Then your surgeon will give a small incision at the harvesting site and insert a cannula connected to a syringe and extract fat carefully (liposuction).

Once enough fat is collected, it is first processed and transferred to small syringes to be used for injection. Fat cells are purified with centrifuge or filtration process.

Then the area to be augmented will be prepared. A cannula or needle will be injected in and out of the incision area multiple times.

Every time it is withdrawn, a series of fatty tissue is cautiously placed in natural tissue planes. This is repeated till the desired correction is achieved.

Various Types of Fat Transfer

Facial Fat Transfer

In case of facial creases, like smile lines, laugh lines or crow’s feet, fat can be taken out from your belly, thighs or other areas and can be injected in your facewith liposuction surgery Melbourne done by Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne, for example.

This procedure can also be used for acne scars, and depressed areas on face, cheeks and lips. It can also rectify skin depressions, minimise lines between your mouth and nose, and minimise wrinkles on forehead.

Breast Augmentation

You can have a modest increase in your breast with fat transfer. However, your breasts should already be with a good skin tone and nice shape.

If your breasts are sagging or skin is poor, or you want a large increase in breast size, fat transplant may not be right for you.

Breast Reconstruction

If your breasts have become defective after lumpectomy for breast cancer, fat transplant may be a useful technique for rectifying those defects.

It is also a great option for complete breast reconstruction after mastectomy. However, usually multiple sessions may be required to achieve enough breast volume.

Buttock Augmentation

Those who want a fuller buttock may choose to have a “Brazilian butt lift” i.e. fat transplant to achieve a more curvaceous buttock without using an implant.

Hand Rejuvenation

If your hands are too thin, they can be made fuller and more attractive with fat transplant.

This procedure can plump up wrinkled areas on your hands, cover underlying tendons and vessels and enhance the skin quality over time.

With this information, you can decide if fat transfer may be good for you and for which body part. Get it done and be proud of your improved appearance.


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