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Enjoy the Benefits of Working without Paying Too Much

 You can stay as long as you want at Bridgeworks and cancel when you want. Whether a private office or coworking pass, all of the memberships are months to month that you can cancel within a month.

The Basic Coworking Membership

This basic coworking membership is for you if you are just starting your business and need a home base or do not need to come into the office often like more than twice a week. This allows all of the members to obtain access to the mobile app and virtual community, member events and 8 hours of workspace access each month to common space, open cafe, lounges, or at desks in shared space. You can experience all these benefits of working in an office without the premium price that provides the ultimate flexibility for you or your team. Taking advantage of this virtual network in meeting clients, partners, and individuals who are sharing the same values as you are. You can have 8 hours of access that can be divided into multiple facility visits that makes it one of the most dynamic packages. The company will make your office closer to home when you need it if you need an office space to rent temporarily or just a few days a month to cut the commute, then this option is for you.

The Unlimited Coworking Membership

If you are a freelancer, an entrepreneur, an employee working remotely or just a professional needing a workspace, then the Coworking Unlimited membership is for you. This suits best for those who work around the clock but don’t need a dedicated private office. This flexible membership grants all the benefits of an office including 24/7 access to the facility and is far cheaper than a typical office where you can work in an open area, lounge, or cafe. You will have access to high-speed Wi-Fi, professional workshops, comfortable lounges, event space, and plenty of free coffee just like the company’s other inclusive packages.

The Dedicated Desk

This dedicated desk packages comes with a hand-crafted desk and serves as your own private workspace that is why this is perfect for those who want to avoid working in our open coworking spaces and want more privacy. You will have your own locker room that you can leave your workspace items, file cabinets, monitors and more. The dedicated desk membership has 24/7 access to your own workspace which allows you to work at any hour. This is not just about you having an access to your own personal workspace but this option provides the opportunity to combine with other members in the cafe and network at your spare time in communal areas of the office. This pass comes with 6 hours of flattering conference room time which allows you to reserve private conference rooms and meeting spaces when needed.

The Office Space and Bridgeworks coworking on Long Beach is only a walking or bike ride away from the beach. In case you need to get to New York City quickly, Bridgeworks is strategically located near to both the Long Beach and Island Park train stations.


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