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Enjoy Playing With Wltoys A959 With Action-Packed High Tech Features

WLtoys brand is specialized in manufacturing Wltoys A959 4WD RTR Off-Road Buggy RC Cars. Why should you try one? RC cars are more than just fun and it acts as the finest learning tool to promote the outdoor play along with the family bonding. Wltoys A959 cars are very interesting to play, very stable, easy to steer and have amazing function based on the preferences. Wltoys A959 is an off-road buggy and 4-wheel drive system ready to stand in any field of your choice. RC Cars are durable and stylish available based on your preferred colors. Wltoys A959 is fit to conquer mud, grass or sand in much more amazing way. These radio-controlled cars are around for quite a long time and they are remaining as the exciting childhood toys. RC cars provide the children with source of entertainment along with which they are equipped with the action-packed machines to enhance your child’s creativity.

Off-Road Buggy Design:

Wltoys A959 are designed as off-road buggy with the big wheels along the studded tires that would fit to race any field. Wltoys A959 has the 4WD 2.4GH RC car Buggy style with the 1/18 Scale suitable for the indoor and outdoor control. Wltoys A959 has high quality car body along with 4 wheel independent suspension. The toy also comes with the 4-wheel shock absorbers and Proportional Steering function suitable for enabling highest standard driving to the maximum. Wltoys A959 could run at 45Km/Hr for highest speed and could easily run at the control distance of 100 metre.

Great Dynamic Driving:

Children can begin to develop motor skills at very young age so driving the Wltoys A959 is helpful for your child to quickly grasp concept of commanding the RC car. WLtoys Car is the off-road toy car that runs on any terrain like mud, grass or sand due to its high-end suspension. Amazing 4-wheel drive system would be quite easier for enabling highest standard controlling capabilities in quite an unstoppable way. Newest WLtoys A959 upgraded version has metal central transmission shaft to maximize the energy conversion with the brand new package based on the value of the 1/18 car. WLtoys Car is available now completely with the ready to run features.

Crash Resistant:

WLtoys Car has really big wheels and bumper frame quite suitable for enabling complete crash resistant. When running on any terrain, it is quite convenient to maintain balance and resist crash to the maximum. Discover how unbeatable this monster is with driving the cars in high excellence. When it comes time to replace the components like transmission, you can improve your finest motor skills and complete your installation of new part.

Remote Control:

Powerful remote control brings you best way to drive the RC car on any terrain. Fine tuning steering wheel, front and backward fine tune, throttle trigger, power switch and many others are included in the remote control. Controlling the WLtoys Car is much easier with enabling highest standard of driving without any hassle.


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