Effective Email Marketing

Email marketing is sending electronic mail as a communication tool to enable direct contact with a specific audience. It’s turned into a vital component in running various businesses, and has experienced a rise in usage over the last few years. However, it isn’t an entirely new concept. Email marketing has been a rising trend since the start of the Internet. Here’s why you should consider including email marketing to your business strategies.

1. It connects you with your audience.

Staying in contact with your customers and making them feel like they are important is essential. Email marketing easily keeps them updated and informed about promos and offers your company is releasing. Since emails are easily customizable, you can divide your audience into smaller segments to send them each a specially tailored message that resonates with each reader. As opposed to social media, tailored messages feel more personal. These emails are supposed to build trust and loyalty between the brand and its consumers, so if you want a higher response rate from your consumers, take note of this when you are planning your next marketing strategy.

2. It raises brand awareness.

Your emails can be as simple as a single statement or an elaborate explanation on what you are offering and why they should avail of your product or service. Make sure to start with an engaging title or opening line to keep your audience curious enough to keep reading. From here, it shows a company’s creativity and drive to reach out to their clients.

On another note, while social media platforms can be ideal in gathering an audience, obtaining a customer’s email address means that they are interested in what you have to offer. Email marketing gives you added leverage in terms of increasing a potential consumer’s interest level, and, with that, brand awareness.

3. It is highly accessible.

Email marketing is convenient not only for you, but to your customers as well. The use of mobile devices has turned into a common trend, and, as such, a research by Litmus states that 54% of emails are opened through a mobile device, which means you reach your audience via real-time. Make sure to send the emails during your audience’s waking hours, and not overnight. On that note, it’s easy to say that timing is key. Send your emails when you deem fit in terms of time of day, month, or year.

Some argue that emails should be pushed aside for social media platforms due to the latter’s quick rise in popularity. However, while social media presence is definitely important in terms of audience interaction, last year’s study by Exacttarget found that 91% of people use their mobile phones to access their email as opposed to the 75% who use them for social networking.

4. It is affordable.

Finally, while obvious, it must be stated that email marketing is an affordable alternative in terms of relaying the message to your audience. With email marketing, you can access a large number of consumers for less than a dollar. However, if you think sending emails to your audience is a tedious task, there are applications that aid in sending these emails to your consumers such as Mail Chimp and Vertical Response, so there’s no reason for you to take too much time sending the emails one by one yourself, especially if you already have an established set of consumers. While it is also a good idea to hire someone to formulate, write, or draft the emails prior to sending them, the process still offers a considerably large ROI as compared to other marketing strategies such as printing or postage.

There are a lot of reasons to consider using email marketing for your business marketing strategies. In summary, It’s a good place start, especially for growing companies who want to reach a certain level of brand awareness on a tight budget.

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