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Education Technology is Developping fast in Shanghai

More importantly, the indicators of educational contacts around the world were Shanghai’s power. While Singapore and Finland are often talking about education powder, both of them have understood that in the last two visits in both the fields it is Shanghai which has taken the branches.

It especially makes it amazing that it’s just completed in three decades, remains left by Mao and cultural revolution. Defeating Classification for the United Nations – More than 65 in American Science, U.K. 26th – Inquiry is essential that they can achieve Shanghai schools successfully.

For this purpose, Mark Tucker has talked to five important figures, two members and close to this change. National center leader on ticker, education and economy, universally well-known master on school change, is hoping to isolate a part of the description after Shanghai’s prosperity.

The record of these things is with an important procession. As a ticker explains, focusing on a pair of Shanghai’s framework of framework is to ignore the main problem. These ingredients only work because they are a whole piece, and they choose to exclusively choose a particular structure, transfer them to their specific country and similar results are expected.

Perhaps a stand between Chinese and Chinese is one of the most important elements. A long way of ‘Easy Laughter of Lok Lok’ of easy-to-eye witnesses, some of Tucker’s interviews agree that education is both important and that the work of labor can change your life. .

As an explanation, an interview has said in a Chinese statement that on the day you can reach the ground as agriculture, in case you are effective you can change interest rates for imperial family. Plays charming work

This mentality is growing for a few thousand years, such similarities are strengthened, and strategy makers are never tried in a few years or even decades.

Therefore, as long as the entire report must be anxiously disturbed by anybody for educational change, there is a controversial issue of each of the ticker’s interviews that is a plan for any nation which It seems that the schools can improve the situation, and it emphasizes the nature of the recipe.

This may not appear to potentially break the ground. All things were considered, few educational frameworks set up poor education cars. Yet, what makes Shanghai’s specialty, which has a mission to direct quality, both of the teachers of the contract, and they are constantly created later.

Shanghai does not ask for its capability level in Finland – where education is required to get a graduate degree – it also demands teachers to get a degree in the subject that they also teach at the elementary school level. Will. In order to show science in primary school you need science; you need mathematical needs to show mathematics. According to Tucker, apart from this, there is a different difference between the situation in the United States, “there can be a stable between the most important statements of Shanghai’s neutral execution.”

During this, there is an apprenticeship framework, which both play a special role and see that new researchers have to learn to get education. Tucker claims that such a view is “very minor”, where the education schools are manufactured by non-trainer teachers. One of the ticker interviews has confirmed the honor presented by such an association in this regard.

Similarly, there is significantly a tire spot light on professional reforms through a teacher’s profession. The amount of the system proves to be great to deliver teachers’ change, but only one example will present this point of view.

Coach Teachers conduct weekly weekends with group members of the same article or review, which needs change and how to compete with the challenges. It gives an organized domain to adjust, so in an interview with an interview, teachers, “are always growing in an exceptionally trained manner in their instability.”

Another interview helped the teacher to help him in a very good inquiry about the teacher. Teachers have been asked to go against the search of ventures in excess and offer their searches more than schools.

Maybe in the West for some teachers, maybe there is a complete program of imagination. Instructors want to see 20-30 times every year. An interview recommends teachers to increase the teachers and add “poor weight”

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