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Don’t neglect your bathroom while decoration

We all know what a bathroom is. All our personal hygiene activities take place here. Most commonly a bathroom contains a sink, a shower or a bathtub. Sometimes both the shower and bathtub are provided. In some countries it is also observed that the toilet is attached to this room itself for the ease of plumbing, but in others a toilet is given a separate space of its own as people consider it unsanitary.

History tells us that, previously bathing took place as a collective activity. Public baths were arranged and people would come together to cleanse themselves while enjoying the company of other people. But in the modern world bathing has become a private thing. People take bath in their personal bathrooms alone. Normally people assume a bathroom to be a room which contains a toilet. But a room that contains a toilet is known as a restroom or a washroom.

A lot of things have to be considered when designing a bathroom. You have to think of all the things that can be found in a bathroom and have proper places to keep all of them. Towel bars or towel rings should be provided to keep the towels in place. A medicine cabinet can also be added to store all the personal hygiene products and medicines. Extra drawers and selves can be added to keep towels and other necessary items.


A perfect bathroom will provide both hot water and cold water in sufficient quantities to allow a person to take a refreshing bath. This requires proper plumbing. The pipes will supply the water in appropriate temperatures. The pipes are also responsible for the removal of the dirty water. Without proper plumbing the idea of a good bathroom is just merely an idea.


Your bathroom will also need a correct supply of electricity. A bathroom contains a lot of electrical appliances which will need ample amount of electricity such as water heaters, lights and other personal grooming appliances. Continuous electrical supply should be absolutely provided. A shock proof system must also be installed.


There are two main types of bathroom decor:

  • The traditional or western bathroom decor includes a timeless and attractive look for your bathroom. The bathroom is designed intricately having smooth angles and gentle curves. Details are added such as floral prints to make it look like a masterpiece. The colours which are most commonly used for traditional bathroom are whit, sky blue, pink and light green. All the elaborate details can be observed in the bathroom furniture, the tiles or even the waterproof wallpaper. A claw-footed bathtub is another distinguishing feature of a traditional bathroom.
  • The other option of bathroom decor is the modern bathroom decor. In this type of decoration, functionality and elegance is portrayed beautifully. Small bathrooms can make use of this type of decor as there won’t be much space left for elaborate decorations. It has a minimalistic tendency, yet is very functional. The look is modern and elegant. In modern decor neutral colours are used, such as the combination of black and white or brown with beige, added with some complementary colours.


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