Does Muay Thai camp in Thailand and Phuket help in improving your health?

A lot of people fail to grasp the effect that martial arts can have on your overall health. Again – most people focus on the good old fashion ways in which you can improve your health – going to the gym or doing calisthenics at home.

Well, as it turns out, even martial arts pack a powerful punch when it comes to improving your health. And why wouldn’t they? When you think things through, you will see that it all makes perfect sense.

We’ll take the martial art of Muay Thai for example. How is this martial art so special? How does it improve your health? First of all, in every Muay Thai training session, you will have to warm up your body. You will do gentle exercises just so that you can get your heart rate increased and get your heart pumping blood around the body, and you will increase your body temperature – preparing your body for exercise. This alone will help you break a sweat – and we’re only at the beginning.

In most Muay Thai schools you will need to do some warm-up work on the jumping rope. This is not only a powerful cardio exercise – you will also need to spend some time and effort into attaining the skill of jumping rope. But you’ll see that it’s not that difficult to grasp what the rope is all about, and after a few training sessions, you will have learned how to jump rope efficiently and effectively. This part of the warm-up can be a bit tricky in the sense that you will need some cardio. If you’re overweight or if you lack cardio, you will find that you get tired pretty easily. As it turns out, the rope is a perfect way to train your cardiovascular system – but it also functions in a way as to train your footwork for the martial art of Muay Thai. You will see that you move much more efficiently if you practice jump rope.

Next off, comes the meat of the training when it comes to Muay Thai. At this section, you will most likely be given pad work. You will have to use strikes and kicks in order to do the damage to the pads, while an instructor or training partner holds them. You will work your muscles in various invigorating ways – making them stronger in the process. And finally, you may even be given instructions for a few sparring sessions with your training buddies. This alone has the potential to send your heart-rate skyrocketing, and create a lactic acid overload in your muscles. Don’t feel surprised if you find that you’re incredibly sore, especially after the first few Muay Thai training sessions. You may even lose weight with this martial art.

All of this will serve to improve your health and your fitness. So, the best thing that you could do is to find a Muay Thai training camp. We recommend you to try this in Thailand as some of the best schools of Muay Thai are to be found there. Phuket island is a good place for you and Suwit Muay Thai camp is new exciting destination . Enjoy your Muay Thai training sessions!

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