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Different Types of Tractors and Its Varied Usage

When one talks about farming in the fields especially the kind of Bennett Kireker Farming, the first tool or equipment that comes to the mind is a tractor. It has seen many changes over the years and thus can be used for various purposes by speeding the work and benefiting the farmers in whatever manner possible. These tractors come under the category of traditional tools, but help in performing all the mechanical tasks by automating them, thus allowing more space to the farmer concerned. Thus, it has multi uses in its pocket and none of them can be overlooked or isolated at any costs for any of the reasons. So it has its own pros and cons and must not be taken lightly while applying the Bennett Kireker Farming technique.

Kinds of Tractors as per the tasks and requirements of the people

Tractors come in a variety of options depending on the tasks to be performed along with the requirements of the people concerned. While purchasing a tractor, three things must not be overlooked at any costs. These three things are as below:

  • Construction
  • Drive
  • Purpose

Generally the construction of these tractors is of two types. They are listed as below:

  • Wherein the driver can sit on his own and drive the same
  • Walking-type tractor: where the operator walks on the side of it

Drive includes:

  • Track Tractors – no wheels but tracks
  • Wheel Tractors – only wheels, no tracks

The purpose or objective of using the tractor should be very clear to the operator and there should not be any kind of confusion in the mind. This forms the most important part while purchasing a tractor and hence investment must be done on the right kind for the correct usage and proper use of the same.

Tractors can even be purchased as per their brand, power, mileage and efficiency in terms of fuel usage and productivity. It is not necessary that a brand name would be the best for a farmer but it all depends on the purpose of the same for which it will be used. Hence proper research must be done while making a purchase and one must not just go only by the brand name.

Power of a tractor totally depends on the kind of work to be performed by the farmer. In case of simple gardening and related tasks, even simple machines with less power would do wonders. But for major farming jobs, heavy duty equipment are quintessential says Bennett Kireker.

The use of the tractor is of utmost importance and must not be ignored at any costs for any of the reasons. It should always be kept in mind and hence the right kind of tractor must be purchased while reducing the expenses on the repairs of the same along with the future replacement in the long run. In fact nowadays the use of tractor is not just restricted to farming but has gone commercial too. Hence its usage must be defined accordingly and the variant chosen as per that only in order to be efficient and effective in its use.


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