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Different Providers Of Business Phone Number

In this technology based business trend, customer satisfaction is much more important. If you customer is satisfied with you, then your business will on top point and grow with each passing day. But, business owners are thinking that what the key point is for satisfying your all customers in effective way. One of simple key is to have business phone number. Business phone number is toll free number which is mostly used for business communication with customers, employees and business associates all around the world. Cost of having business phone number is not so high and call charges are same as local call charges. Suppose, you made call for international calling, but you will pay only local call charges for that international call. So, get business phone number easily for your business and satisfy your all customers in all possible ways.

But, the question is from where you will get business phone number. In today’s market, there are number of companies those will provide you business phone number. For your help, we have provided a specific list for company providers and you can select the one as per your requirement.

Google voice number: if you thinking to have google voice number, then no need to take new number. Your current phone number will also be used as google voice number. If you have business phone number for your business, then only one user use it. With the facility of google voice number, you will be able to sending free voice mails, roaming calls, international calls on any number. Your google voice number will connect with the google hangout and all types of calls and sms services. No need to contact anyone for getting google voice number. You just have to click on settings button in your google account and choose the phone tab. Now, enter your current phone number and you will be able to make calls and send sms within seconds.

Line2: cloud phone service is enabling in the line2 that give permission to you to make calls and send sms from your mobile devices. With the business phone number which you receive from line2, can also add other phone line easily. With line2, you can make calls from mobile phone, landline, tablets, or computer. Line2 is IP based phone service and its some of unique features are:

  1. WI – fi calling
  2. No contracts
  3. Choose any number
  4. Also able to port your existing number
  5. All inclusive plans

Burner: if your business need more work with online working, then you should have to choose Burner for business phone number because this will also allow you for online marketing and sale, web forms, group talk and many other things. One interesting feature of Burner is that you will also able to hide your personal and professional details from unknown callers.

Skype number: many calling plans are available on Skype like weekly or monthly. You can choose the calling plan as per your requirement and make call to your employees or other one who are far from you. Having a Skype number shows your professionalism to your customers and business partners.


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