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Detox Teas with Verified Weight Loss Properties

You may see some people with amazing before and after pics, but there are always others who will end up looking like blown up pigs with mini tutus on, even after several months of use.

Before plunking down your hard-earned cash on these “teatoxes” that seem to be sold on every platform imaginable, here are 2 key things you should know before embarking on your best detox tea for weight loss program. As a bonus, towards the end of the article, you’ll also see some of the teas with the most effective weight loss ingredients, sold by credible firms.

Keep These 2 Things in Mind Before Your Diet 

  1. You Have to Supplement Your Diet with Exercise

Most of the teatox brands you’ll see advertised always recommend taking your tea in conjunction with a balanced healthy meal, tons of water and a minimum of 3 workouts per week.

Honestly, if it was easy to do this in the first place, no one will be looking for weight loss solutions that come in small teacups. What most people on detox tea diets notice is that, taking these teas before or after meals helps with digestion and energy absorption in the body. Both excellent features if you want to lose weight.

  1. Teas Don’t Need FDA Approval Before Hitting the Market

Dietary products like weight loss shakes and tea detox tend to fall under the FDA’s category of consumer goods. Meaning they do not promise to be a 100% cure for something. However, most of the ingredients found in these products, like caffeine, have been known to stimulate weight loss, cleanse the colon and increase resting metabolic rates. In fact, some of these ingredients can be found in some FDA approved drugs.

Since these teas aren’t regulated though, every Tom, Dick and Harry can package any ingredient they like and claim it’s the best detox teas in existence.

To get the most out of these teas, the best thing you can do is to be careful in choosing the brands you buy. The more credible the manufacturers, the more chances you have of buying best detox tea for weight loss properties. Here are some of the most effective teatoxes, based on popular demand.

  • Yogi Detox Tea

While some teas claim they remove toxins from your body by purifying your blood, Yogi uses ingredients that boost the performance of your body’s anti-toxins organs. Because face it, while your environment has always exposed you to harmful toxins, you haven’t died yet, because your body has a natural way of getting these toxins out (skin, liver, kidney).

Yogi tea, unlike some weight loss shakes or even the best meal replacement shake, uses ingredients like burdock root, cinnamon bark, cloves and many other organic ingredients that have historically been known to have medicinal purposes. Burdock root has especially been used throughout the ages to treat liver and kidney ailments.

The downside of taking yogi tea constantly (think 4 months nonstop) is that you’ll start having side effects. Your body may become dependent on the tea’s laxative effects, constant diarrhea and many others. So, take it in moderation, or take short breaks off it.

  • Teapigs Clean N Green

One obvious reason most people quit some of the best detox teas or even weight loss shakes are that they aren’t always easy on the taste buds.

Teapigs is a blend of lemongrass’ relaxative and minty flavor, ginger and green tea’s antioxidant properties, dandelion leaves and coconut’s sweet taste. This super delicious combo will leave you looking forward to your next detox session.

Brew it for at least five minutes to get the most out of this biodegradable tea. A few cups of this tasty detox blend will deter you from even the best meal replacement shake for weight loss.

  • Yuyo Yerba Mint Tea

Need a healthy caffeine boost, but without the crash you’d normally experience with coffee? This yuyo tea packs more antioxidant than green tea, so, cleanses more effectively. To make this a more relaxing brew, yuyo contains peppermint, garden mint and lemon.


Some people experience the full benefits of detox tea weight loss, so, embrace a regular detox routine.

Others though, either fail to supplement their detox routine with balanced meals and regular exercise or don’t take their time to learn about the effectiveness of the tea detox they’re buying, so take note that you don’t fall for these.

One undeniable benefit of “teatoxing” is that it serves as a trigger for other healthy eating habits. You’ll rarely find someone, who has made detoxification a habit, constantly munching on unhealthy foods. So even if it’s for the sake of kicking an unhealthy eating habit to the curb, you should try detoxing.


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