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Deciding Where to Undergo Hair Transplant Surgery

It is often considered that some countries are pioneers in certain fields, whether they be medical or otherwise. In the field of hair transplantation, Turkey have garnered the reputation of pioneering the way forward and being years ahead of the competition.

There are several factors that you should take into consideration when deciding on where to undergo hair replacement which we are going to cover in this article. If a new head of hair has been on your agenda for a while, look no further.

The Types of Surgery Available to You

Male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia which a significant amount of the male population suffer from is considered to have only one form of effective treatment which is the hair transplant.

There are several methods of performing hair transplantations but the most widely adopted consist of the skin graft or Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). The method that is right for you will likely depend on the quality of your existing hair as hair is extracted from the back of the scalp and relocated to where it is required.

FUE was invented in the 1990s and is therefore considered to be a more modern form of hair transplantation. All patients will have a unit of hair follicles containing anywhere between 1 to 4 hairs extracted from their donor site and then grafted onto the area of the head where they would like to experience hair growth.

Assessing Cost

One of the biggest reasons that patients may decide to travel to undergo cosmetic procedures is due to the reduced cost in some parts of the world. Hair transplants are no exception which is why a hair transplant in Turkey remains a popular option for those wanting to save money and minimise costs. To put the figures into context, you can expect to pay;

  • Up to £15000 to undergo hair replacement treatment in the UK. This unfortunately puts it out of the reach of many patients.
  • The same procedure in Turkey can cost as little as £1800, making it the obvious option for many sufferers of hair loss.

Even when taking into account the cost of travel and accommodation, traveling for hair replacement therapy makes a lot of sense for most patients.

In addition, some clinics which are based abroad will even include the price of accommodation and airport transfers in their surgery fee, leaving you to simply book your flight. If that wasn’t enough, post operation medication as well as lotions and shampoo are often also included in the total price you pay.

For this reason, you can see why travelling abroad for hair transplant surgery remains a popular option.

What Affects the Overall Cost?

No two hair transplants are the same. You will often find that costs vary due to the needs of each individual patient. With that said, there are several factors which can affect the overall price you pay:

  • The number of grafts or implants required is a significant pricing factor. The larger the area to be treated, the longer treatment will take which can drive up costs. This is why prices are almost always expressed as a range rather than an exact figure.
  • The experience of the medical team will also play a role in deciding on cost. If your surgeon is qualified and experienced, you will pay more than if you were to visit a clinic where your transplant was performed by technicians.
  • The physical location of the clinic can also affect prices. Some clinics in Turkey will operate out of a converted flat rather than a hospital. In these cases, you usually get what you pay for.
  • The number of treatments offered to multiple patients per day. The more patients seen, the less clinics can charge, although this may have a negative effect on treatment quality.
  • Finally, the methods and practices used will affect cost. Hair follicles are a living organism and must be handled delicately. In addition, the longer they stay out of the body, the less successful treatment is likely to be.

Treatment Environment

Anyone considering undergoing surgery should ensure that their treatment is carried out in an appropriate environment. A hospital is always the desired location but a smaller clinic is just as effective.

It is important to be wary of some clinics offering low prices only to find out that your treatment will be carried out at their home address or within a residential building. The better hair replacement clinics in Turkey usually operate out of prominent locations in Istanbul.

Surgeon Qualifications

It is important that the staff carrying out your treatment have undergone appropriate professional training to provide them with the required skills to successfully treat you. You should look for recognised qualifications where possible and ensure that they are a member of a professional medical body.

The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery and the European Society of Hair Restoration Surgery are two such bodies to look out for as their members are vetted before being accepted.

Where Is Right for Me?

The answer to this question usually depends on how much you are willing to spend to achieve the results you desire. Hair transplants in the US, UK and across Europe will always cost more than they do in other parts of the world.

If cost remains a factor, you should identify a clinic which offers the right amount of expertise but who can also complete your procedure to the standards you require at the lowest possible cost.

Always bear in mind that if the price is too good to be true, it usually is. We would suggest making use of the internet to locate as many accurate and transparent reviews of your shortlisted clinics as possible to give yourself an accurate picture to work with. If possible, we would also suggest getting in touch with patients who have undergone this surgery previously and are able to offer their advice and wisdom.

The hair line that you have always wanted is only a treatment away so do your research and make sure you make the right choice.


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