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Dear Men: Learn the Art of Giving the right Bouquet

Are you a man? Do you find it really tedious to pick the right flowers? Do you feel that your bouquet choice is really pathetic? Well, there is no need to crib anymore. This post is going to get you some of the best ways of choosing the right flowers and bouquets for your loved ones. Remember whether you are in a long-term relationship or in a general one; you have to buy flowers in your life. It is better you learn it now!

Are you sorry?

If you have said something that you should not have said; it is better to be sorry about it. Now how are you going to say sorry? Would you just drop her message or you will make a call? Well, the better idea would be to drop a gorgeous bouquet at her place. These bouquets are absolutely stunning. When you say sorry or feel apologetic through a bouquet of fresh flowers; that really increases the weightage. It gives a gentleman feel and you actually win the moment right away. So, if your girlfriend is hurt because of your careless act or your random talk; send her a bouquet of fresh lilies. You must be thinking about sending her a bouquet of rose right? Well, it might interest you that roses are better to be given on a romantic note. Here lilies will give a fresh touch to the moment and she will feel really special.

Roses: A Perfect Gesture

No matter how cliché it is but roses are always roses. These roses are never fading and unexciting. You can always find a pinch of spark and romance in roses. Whether you read books, listen to songs or watch movies; you can find bouquets of roses making the time grand and special. Well, what if you play with the number of roses? Exactly if you are going to give your beloved a rose bouquet on valentine day; it would be good if you do some personal calculation. For example if it has been three months that you are in relationship; you can send her a bouquet of 90 roses. Believe it or not that would be really so impressive and appealing. Of course you can add a romantic note with the bouquet. In this way the bouquet of roses will uplift the valentine time for you. You can even get the cheap flower delivery done for her!

Are you Just Friends?

Do you want to send a bouquet to a girl but she is just a friend? Are you perplexed about what type of bouquet should be send to her? Well, many times people find it difficult to decide what type of bouquet should be given to a girl or woman who isn’t more than a friend. Well, here you can send her a bouquet of tulips, yellow roses, mixed flowers and even Orkut bouquet. These bouquets won’t display any romantic touch. These bouquets will actually give a sense of friendship and specialness. It would be good if you refrain from flowers of red colour here!

So, there are things that can make your bouquet experience really fruitful and exciting. Make sure that you pick the right bouquet for your loved ones!


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