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Craft Beer Clubs Online

We are currently living in the prime age for beer as more and more choices become available on the market. Plus with the expanding collection of global breweries along with the easy access of importing, it has never been a better time to practically get your hands on any type of beer you require. Beer lovers are opting to sign up to subscription packages so they can try out new various beers. This includes the ever growing popular demand for craft beer from smaller brewers’ making their own unique taste, as there has been a 40% rise in production of craft beer. So as pubs around the UK are closing, its no surprise as 30% of beer drinkers said they would like to pay more in order to try a beer with increased flavor over the traditional blended beer.

Wine club which were once seen a favorite alcohol club, are being pushed out as the demand for craft beer from beer lovers appears to be the trend. As a result these craft beer clubs have become just as popular, subsequently this has led to an increasing amount of brewers’ are offering customers their subscription packages.

Therefore if you are in love with Beer and like to try out new brands, flavors etc, then maybe think about signing up to a craft beer club as it might be just be what you need.  When looking for a club to sign up with, there are various craft beer clubs online that offer subscription packages for its customers. One in particular that stands out is Craft Metropolis. They are London based company and offer its customers 12 beers at £34 per month. In addition they offer the first box at half price for newcomers, just to really show their customers how exemptional their high class beer really is.

Subscribing to a beer club is a great way to try new beers whilst the hassle of trying to find a range of different breweries that sell what you are looking for. In addition you might not know what beer you want to try, therefore it great way to let expert breweries pick the beer for you to try. You a may reasonable monthly subscription package and the beer comes straight to the customers door.


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