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Communication system and its designing

Humans and their communication

Human beings are social animal and they always like to talk against anything that happens with them. Talking is rather one of the most important characteristic also that is present in the human beings, which is not actually present in any of the other animals in the animal kingdom. Other animals present in the animal kingdom also has some language with the help of which they are able to understand each other. Unlike they don’t utter something that the human beings do. For them it is more of a like a sign language for some sign with the help of which they are able to convey the message they want. And those messages are like when they are danger, or in the need of food, or conjugal feeling. But the human beings with the help of their speaking ability they can actually speak out their mind and also they can write it also. And the additional fact that they are able to think also their speaking ability also gets an advancement to the whole process. That is why it was told earlier that communication is one of the most important phenomenon for the human beings, which they use it. And again these human beings are also making this communication through their brain and effort which work on the basis of the electrical circuit all-round the world.

Integrated Circuit

Integrated circuit is the main mechanism with the help of which this communication all throughout is actually possible. It is sort of a backbone for the system on the basis of which the system works. Time has moves very fast and also the electronics and its invention. Now we don’t get computer of that large size and any other smart devices like that. It is all because of these IC’s. It has been invented by Jack Kilby in the year of 1950s. This particular year is very much important for the mankind as the first IC came and totally changed the course of the electronics and we are able to harvest it in the smart devices that we are using today. IC of the Integrated circuits are the things that are bake to accommodate more and more transmitter in it and more conductors present in it. And the usage is very much powerful also. They accommodate the transmitters and the semi-conductors in a form of the chips in a form of the circuits. And now these chips are used in the phones as well as in the computer and in each and very sectors associated with it. There are many companies also which design them.

To gather proper knowledge

For proper knowledge people should get the VLSI design training so that they can get a job in these companies. VLSI is a form of IC called as the Very Large Scale Integrated circuits.


These ICs are of different types. They are the SSI or the small scale integration, the MSI of the medium scale integration and the most advanced that is the VLSI or the very large scale integration.

Online training

Online VLSI training is also available in different websites as they are very much potent from which the students can learn a lot of concepts as well.


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