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Combating Water borne diseases with Water purifier service in Mohali and Panchkula

Water is one of the most important amenities, or a necessity in each and every household. Water is used for drinking, washing clothes and utensils, and bathing, cooking and carrying out other processes of personal hygiene. For all these processes to be carried out efficiently, the water ought to be clean and purified. For this, special water purifying systems are fit or installed at homes. Just installing the system is not sufficient. After setting the particular system up, the set up has to be maintained as well. For this, special services are available such as the water purifier service in Mohali or the water purifier service in Panchkula.

All about water purifier services in Mohali and Panchkula

The water purifier service in Mohali and Panchkula to maintain the water as clean and healthy as possible. This helps to prevent the occurrence of water borne diseases like cholera and jaundice by a great extent. Apart from suspended particles and dirt, several bacteria and other germs are also destroyed or killed for maximum protection or safety in terms of health. Some of the important aspects focussed on by the water purifier service in Panchkula and Mohali are as follows:

  • Pre treatment of the water is extremely important. It involves the basic processes that must be carried out before every purifying process. The water is first pumped from the source, which may be obtained from the ground or other natural water bodies and moved to the house’s water pipeline. Other processes like screening or initial filtration is then carried out to remove the bigger suspended particles.
  • The power of hydrogen of the water should be maintained within certain limits. The safe limits include pH seven to eight. This means, that the water is neither too acidic, nor too basic in nature.
  • Certain chemicals are added to the water, known as flux which combines with the particles present within, to form heavy bodies that settles down and facilitates sedimentation.
  • Filters of different pore sizes are provided in order to ensure that even the finest of particles are successfully removed.
  • Certain disinfectants such as chlorine are also added, within permissible limits of course to kill the dissolved germs that cannot be spotted with the naked eye or removed by other physical processes.
  • The purified water is then stored in a specific tank and then discharged through water taps when required by the users.
  • Some purifying systems also provide added safety with the help of ultra violet radiations. This makes the water close to cent percent germ free.

Health is an aspect that must be taken very seriously by all individuals. Good habits are also necessary in life. Water borne diseases should not be taken for granted. There are a few standards set up by the government which is ought to be followed in the particular area. These standards also depend on the type of water available in the particular area. Some states also follow the international standards, which is common worldwide. The Government must ensure that each and every household receives clean and healthy water supply which is potable and can be used for carrying out different activities. An individual can easily find the permissible limits of different of different chemicals and constituents on the internet, which is accessible from any internet connected electronic device.


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