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Colorado Domestic Violence Laws and their Implications

Domestic abuse or violence is unacceptable in any form. Indeed, the federal government and Colorado State have set strict laws against domestic violence and abuse. Any involvement in physical, emotional or verbal violence against your spouse is referred to as domestic violence and could result in mandatory arrests, serious criminal charges or even no contact with other people. If you are facing domestic violence charges, you may want to consult with an experienced Colorado domestic violence lawyer.

What constitutes domestic violence in Colorado?

According to the C.R.S 18-6-800.3(1), threatening violence or an act of violence to an individual to whom the actor is intimately involved or has been involved intimately in the past is considered domestic violence. Besides, the law against domestic abuse includes when violence is used as coercion or method, intimidation, punishment, control, or revenge against an individual with whom the actor has been or is involved in an intimate relationship.

Besides, a violation against a person, a property including animal and a civil ordinance is considered domestic abuse.

Implications associated with the domestic violence law

1. No ‘drop charges’ option for the victim

Once your spouse has reported domestic violence against you, he or she cannot drop these charges even if he or she no longer want to continue the case. In Colorado State, every single crime is considered a direct violation of sanctity and peace of the state. Thus, criminal cases cannot be dismissed unless there are a thorough investigation and a comprehensive report.

2. No gun rights

If you have been caught under the domestic violence law and you are proven guilty, according to the United States Federal law, you cannot acquire a firearm license. Also, if the domestic violence crime falls under the felony category, then, the federal law invalidates you as capable of owning a firearm. In case you are a domestic violence offender, and you have been caught with a firearm, you will be charged with a felony.

3. Any offense related to your spouse could also be domestic abuse

Most people believe that domestic abuse is limited to emotional, physical, and verbal assault against a spouse. However, any crime against your significant other with the intention of intimidation, coercion, punishment, control, or revenge falls under the domestic abuse category. So, if your husband breaks your smartphone intentionally to insult you, then that becomes a crime.

4. Arrests

Often, the law enforcement officers are given a court order indicating who should be arrested, where, and when the arrest should take place. However, things are different when it comes to domestic violence cases. If the law enforcement officers believe that the offender has committed crimes that fall under domestic violence, they should arrest the offender without any delay.

5. Domestic abuse is a violation of the victim’s rights

In Colorado, all domestic violence crimes are considered a serious violation of the victim’s rights. If you are a victim of domestic violence, you have the right to representation through a lawyer. Also, you have the right to prior details regarding the bond hearing and to speak while the hearing is in progress. You should be informed earlier if the offender is being bailed out.


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