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Choose UPS Inverter in India for Emergency Backup

India ranks behind the US and China in electricity production with 1,400,800 GWh. It is the third largest producer of electricity and also the third largest consumer. It has an installed capacity of 344 GW. Though India has the capacity for surplus power generation, it is unable to supply the energy due to the lack of infrastructure. The solution is to go for the UPS in places where there is an interruption of power supply.

Pick the right shop

When you want to buy inverter online India offers many hundreds of shops. Selecting one is difficult because one does not know how. You can do it like this. In the search box, enter “India’s leading UPS supplier.” Or, “the award-winning supplier of UPS in India.” if you do this, you will get only the best suppliers in India. You can choose one from this list and get high-quality inverters for your house or office.

You can use the inverter for almost anything that runs on the domestic power supply. If you buy and install a UPS unit for running your fans, lights, computers, and fridge, it will keep on working for 10 years without any maintenance. Most of the models will have a dial that shows the amount of power left as the backup time remaining. The working of the inverter in the UPS pack is like this.

Working of the inverter

The power that the domestic units like the fan and the light bulb use are of the alternating current type. This AC power will drive all the units but the UPS stores the power in the form of direct current. The electrical appliances cannot use it straight. We use the inverter to convert the direct current back to alternating current so that we can feed it to the fans and light bulbs.

Deciding on the brand is easy if you search on Google. But, buying is difficult. Many people prefer to buy the inverter online because this is much simpler than walking up and down the steps of the mall and then waiting for the delivery. When you select the UPS supplier, see whether he has lights, bulbs, and other electrical fittings. If he does, then you can buy this from him at the same place.

Know your power needs

Investing in an inverter is useful because this gives you access to power all through the day. Calculate all your power needs by totaling the power rating of all your devices. Multiply it by the power drop factor because all the power will not get converted to alternating power. This will be about 0.8. If you get 6 batteries with 5200 VA rating, you can run a photocopier, a television set with the set-top box, one ceiling fan, one desktop computer, one laptop, and one photocopier for 1-2 hours at half load capacity.

You can overcome all your power cut problems by investing in an inverter. If you have space on your roof, you can also invest in a couple of solar panels. This will help provide renewable energy for your house or office. It will pay back within three years what you have invested after which it is all profit for you. The life of a solar panel is at least 20 years.


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