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Challenges BPO firms face while rendering Customer Support Services

Challenges prevail in every industry, however, some businesses gain great attention due to the change in trends and higher expectations of the market, which makes them face countless problems. The call center industry nowadays is facing great difficulties irrespective of contributing much to the country’s growth. Though looking after the income of the industry we may have a rosy picture in our minds, but there are many challenges that come in the way of development of these industries. Check out as we bring the problems faced by the call center industries today:

Weakening employee strength

This is a big reason for the proficient BPO call center to face issues as high attrition rate hampers the business’s effective performance. Trained employees tend to flee after some time that makes it hard to carry on with the development tasks. As a result, businesses have to train new professionals for effective call center services to keep gaining customer satisfaction. However, this takes time and even increases expenses for the industry.

Flat-work structure

Career prospects in BPO companies are limited and this is why employees do not stick to the company for a long time. It is one big reason that this industry is losing top talent as it works on a flat organizational structure. Top talents are demoralized and are left with no option rather look for other opportunities for success making it the biggest drawback for BPOs.

Budget limitation

Managing everything in a much-limited budget is not easy as restricted funds is a big task to manage for the business. Managing the entire call center within defined resources is hard, which makes it difficult for the business to get efficient professionals to deliver efficient services to the clients. This lack of skilled experience to give assistance to the customers, shift the user towards other services.

Hampered FCR rates

To achieve optimum customer satisfaction, keeping a check on First Call resolution is essential. However, with complex inquiries coming in, it is not possible to always serve the customer with the exact information on time that reduces satisfaction level and affects the services of call centers, further hampering its business image.

Increasing client expectation

Satisfying the client is not easy. With the change in technologies and diversified options available in the market, meeting client expectations is hard. Business competition is increasing and this has made it difficult for the BPO call center to influence the users to take benefits from them.

Health issues

Night shifts have become a nightmare for many employees as they face various health issues working overnight. This has brought a subsequent decrease in the number of employees willing to work in night shifts that have eventually effected business tasks. It has emerged to be a big challenge for call centers. This is because these organizations do not have many facilities to give to the employees due to financial limitations, and therefore cannot influence professionals to stay back. This has degraded the performance and stands as the biggest challenge for the call center industry. 


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